Plan your weekend in these top 5 amazing water parks in Cape town

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Are you in desperate need of an aquatic escape? If the answer is a resounding YES, then why not head over to one of the amazing water parks located around Cape Town this weekend? With thrilling rides and exciting adventures waiting for you, these spots are sure to provide enough splashy fun to get that Afrobeat pumping. Make sure your summer bucket list includes some time at one or two of these incredible havens – you’ll never forget it!

Top 5 Water Parks in Cape Town to must visit

Cape Town, South Africa is home to some of the best water parks in the world. From adrenalin-filled wave pools and splash zones to relaxing family rivers and lazy river rides, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, these top 5 amazing water parks in Cape Town are sure to keep you entertained:

1. Ratanga Junction Theme Park: Located just outside of Cape Town City Centre, Ratanga Junction Theme Park offers 16 thrilling rides including 2 roller coasters and 1 log flume as well as 4 kiddie rides perfect for small children. It also has an enormous wave pool with over 6-foot waves that is great fun for all ages!

2. Water World Strandfontein: This 1920 sq meter park features four large slides – two-speed slides allowing riders to reach speeds up to 50 mph, one body slide with twists and turns on its route down the hillside slope, and one multi-lane racing slide where up to five people can race each other at once! Plus there are plenty of shallow pools with lots of interactive play objects such as tipping buckets so it’s great fun for smaller kids too!

3. Sun Coast Beach Club & Waterpark: Right next door to Durban’s famous uShaka Marine World Aquarium is this gorgeous beach club surrounded by gardens filled with palm trees and exotic flowers – perfect picture opportunities abound here! There’s an onsite “Surfing Lagoon” complete with real ocean waves that make this spot ideal for lazy afternoons spent sunbathing or standing atop surfboards courtesy of their “surf school”. And there’s even an activity pool that includes basketball hoops where parents can challenge their kids/teens (or vice versa) before hitting the tube slides or giant wave pool together afterward!

4. Blue Rock Cable Waterski: One far end of False Bay lies Blue Rock Cable Waterski in Somerset West where visitors will find ski lifts powered by cable instead of boats; they follow steel cables suspended 20 feet above the ground while skiers use special harnesses attached to the cable above them going around slalom markers spread throughout the lake area while being towed by a pulley system connected back up on land – really cool stuff indeed! For those who want more out of their time here there are also wakeboarding activities available plus open-air night skiing right until 11 pm (guests must pre-book).

5 North Pier Waterworld: Last but not least we have the north pier which offers another unique way to experience water adventure – ‘wet biking’! Guests climb aboard jet-propelled wet bikes which run along pontoons connected between the mainland and Robben Island located 3 miles away from V&A waterfront harbour. The bike allows passengers various levels of intensity from soothing drift trials (for beginners ) all the way through medium-speed thrill seekers trips. Once you’ve reached Robben Island, take some time out to enjoy the sights and sunsets across Table Bay before heading back again! In addition, this place also includes enclosed heated swimming pools jacuzzis steam rooms plus saunas catering to those families and younger generations seeking different types of luxuries!

Enjoy your weekend

With so many beautiful spots to visit and attractions to experience, Cape Town is a great place to spend the weekend. Whether you’re looking for an open-air museum, an adventure park, or a refreshing water park, there are plenty of options in the area. The top five detailed here include a mix of indoor and outdoor spots that offer something for everyone. From Lost City Water Park’s aesthetically pleasing ancient ruins to Blue Rock Cable Water Ski’s exhilarating activities, each offers thrilling excitement for all ages. And if you decide to bring your friends and family along, you can also enjoy making memories together with every splashy moment make sure to visit these top 5 water parks in cape town! For more amazing travel tips don’t forget to check out Cape Tourism. So why wait, make sure you visit these 5 amazing waterparks in cape town and make lasting memories this summer season!