Preparing of the NEBOSH Course in Qatar

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The NEBOSH IGC (International General Certificate) is an overall perceived wellbeing and security testament. It will permit you to be perceived around the world for your insight and involvement with wellbeing and security. The two specialists and managers who seek because after the NEBOSH capability will get various commonsense helpful encounters.

Wellbeing and security standards, word related risk object following, and useful ability to apply information are completely shrouded in the Nebosh course. Neighborhood strategy and cultural variables might be remembered for scholarly projects if essential and proper. The course’s genuine part requests that students play out a wellbeing and security review of their work and present a report to the organization with proposals.

The declaration covers the accompanying hot focuses:

The meaning of wellbeing and security the board frameworks, as well as their perspectives
Standards and practice of danger evaluation

Identifying work environment risks, for example, those associated with general work environment issues, fire, and electrical, to give some examples.

Control systems for realized working environment risks

By the finish of the course, the understudy will actually because want to know the essentials of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

They perceive their satisfactory inside control framework’s situation and commitments.
Know the risks in your field and work.

Comprehend the essentials of work environment wellbeing and security and because how to keep up with it.

Subjects of Discussion

The NEBOSH course is partitioned into two segments: IG1 and IG2.
Every unit is relegated a score.


Organization of Global Health and Safety (IG1)


  • What is the meaning of work environment wellbeing and security?
  • What do wellbeing and security the executives frameworks truly do and how would because they look?
  • With regards to gamble with the board, people and cycles because it should be thought of.
  • Ceaseless wellbeing and security checks


Risk evaluation (IG2)

NEBOSH Course Fees in Qatar

Online Session


Meeting Date

26 May 2022

Test Date

08 June 2022


Online Via Zoom

Language of Teaching



Engr. Wahaj Ahmad and Engr.

Usman Ahmad

NEBOSH IGC + 5HSE Training


QR: 23,00/ –


Preparing Certification

QR: 26,50/ –

NEBOSH IGC Certification

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Turn into a wellbeing and security master

This is your opportunity to roll out a positive improvement in your profession. Because upgrade your gamble the executives and control abilities. Foster your decisive reasoning abilities. Play a greater job in your organization and attempt new things.
The NEBOSH course will furnish you with the information, abilities, and grit to:

  • To safeguard individuals in dangerous, complex settings, because it is fundamental to distinguish and limit perils effectively.
  • A brilliant wellbeing and security technique can assist your organization with working better.
  • Fabricate a culture, make change, and lead an insurance labor force on a worldwide scale.
  • To propel your vocation, go after top wellbeing and security positions.

NEBOSH Course Targets

The NEBOSH course in Qatar tends to the obligations of the modernized proficient. You’ll have the option to: Recognize the significance of wellbeing and security guidelines, because like that of the United Nations’ International Labor Organization (ILO) and other non-legislative associations, toward the preparation’s end.

  • To impact people, utilize a scope of wellbeing and security initiative methodologies.
  • Survey wellbeing and security in an exhaustive way, because considering human impediments and varieties.
  • Increment your mastery of wellbeing and security (both your own and that of the association).
  • Various procedures will utilized for peril recognizable proof, risk the executives, and misfortune attribution.
  • Make note of your wellbeing and security achievements.

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