Radiation therapy may be the best chance of beating prostate cancer

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Radiation therapy Alamogordo:

Radiation therapy Alamogordo also known as radiotherapy, rT, radiation treatment, or XRT, uses high-energy rays to damage and destroy tumor cells. Because these rays cannot distinguish between tumor cells and healthy tissue, surrounding healthy tissue is also affected by radiation therapy. In the case of prostate cancer, radiation therapy may be the best chance at beating the disease without invasive surgery to remove the prostate gland. In other cases, this type of treatment can be used in combination with other therapies like chemotherapy to fight prostate cancer.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer:

Learning that I had prostate cancer was, to say the least, shocking and devastating. I felt as if I were having a bad dream that couldn’t seem to end. I had been such a healthy person my entire life and I never thought that something like this would ever happen to me. Fortunately, after learning more about my condition and my treatment options, things started looking up and we found radiation therapy at Alamogordo was our best option for survival.

I was advised to go through radiation:

I had been to four different doctors before I found one who could help me. I had already had surgery and my prostate gland removed, but in post-operative scans, more cells were detected. I was advised to go through radiation because it is radiation therapy Alamogordo quietly done. My hair never grew back from that treatment, but now there are no detectable cells in my body and no need for checkups.

My PSA levels were at 8:

On a routine physical, my PSA levels were at 8. I was given radiation therapy Alamogordo NM and it decreased to 0. My doctor is hopeful that I’ll see no recurrence of my disease.

After going through a course of radiation my PSA levels dropped to 0
There are many things that you have to consider when deciding on whether or not to pursue radiation treatment. One of the first things to understand is the difference between external radiation and brachytherapy. External radiation is delivered from outside of your body and is also known as teletherapy, whereas brachytherapy delivers radiation from inside your body by way of seed implants, which can be done during surgery or with robotic-guided techniques. Typically, external radiation is used when there are many locations in a gland that needs to be treated, but it can also be combined with other therapies such as hormone therapy or chemotherapy if needed.

There is still hope!

You’ve completed treatment and now have a clean bill of health. But, if you were diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s important to know that it might come back. If you had surgery or radiation therapy, new cells will grow back in your body at some point. In these cases, PSA tests are used to find any new cells that might still be growing in your system. They can also help detect recurrence before symptoms happen because other tests like a DRE (digital rectal exam) or an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) don’t always work well on patients who’ve had radiation or surgery.