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Your business plan is ready and after analyzing the industry now you want to expand your business online. And now you are looking for a Domain extension that helps you to grow your business. Then You should consider the .com Domain Name apart from all the cheaper options. 

.com Domain costs higher than other Domain extensions but in the long run, it could help to expand your business globally. With multiple competitors and a huge number of online brands, users won’t be able to remember your domain name if it is long and hard.

If you choose a long and hard-to-spell domain name it is going to affect your business. A .com Domain is used by most of the users by default. This means they are going to type your business domain and by default, they use .com in the end.

.com is the most popular and oldest domain in the world. It is well recognized and widely used Domain among all. But buying a Domain Name from a trusted and well-known Domain Provider is very important. They offer you one of the best services that can be helpful for you. 

Hostbillo Hosting Solution sells a .com Domain Name at just 9.67$ for a year. You can register for your desired .com Domain at Lowest Price.

More about Hostbillo later first we understand why Businesses register for the .com Domain.

Reasons Why Businesses Register For .Com Domain Name 

  • Majority Businesses Go With .com Domain Name

A survey shows that most business uses the .com  domain. Around 46% of all the Domains are registered as .com Domain. Businesses still choose the .com Domain because of its popularity and it helps them to stay ahead of the competitors who are using  other alternative Domains

  • People Think Business Website Ends With .com

We have seen so many sites that end with a .com Domain. So people build the perception that every site ends with a .com extension. So they use the .com domain by default. All the big companies use the .com domain. it shows the potential of .com Extension.

  • Registering For .com Domain Name Improve Credibility

There are thousands of Domains emerged in the last few years and very few of them are known by people. Peoples are not familiar with new domains. .com Domain exist for a very long time and it has a reputation. 

As you know .com Domain is a well-known domain extension. Using the .com Domain next to your business website improves its credibility

  • .com Domain Shows Your Business is Established

In the previous point, we discuss how the .com Domain improves website credibility. There is no secret to that. Buying a .com Domain costs a lot and it shows that the company is financially stable and looking forward to staying for a long in the market.

  • .com Domain is Sometimes preferred by Search Engine over other Domains

It’s not completely true but there are sometimes when search engines prefer the .com Domain name. Some searches are not country-specific. On a Global Search, the Search engine favor .com Domain

  • No Specific TLD Rules For Registering .com Domain

If you register for ccTLD you need to follow some rules. ccTLD is a country-specific Domain Extension. Business needs to be established in those specific countries. But for registering for a .com Domain there are no such TLD rules.

Hostbillo Sells .com Domain at Lowest Price

.com Domain at lowest price

.com Domains are the best choice for any business now that you understand why. It gives a lot of opportunities to reach new customers globally. Hostbillo Hosting Solution sale .com Domain at Lowest Price. You can acquire a .com Domain at just 9.67$ for a year.

Hostbillo offers many features with .com Extension. That makes your Domain buying process easy and hassle-free. Hosbillo is the Best Domain Provider that provides the best features at the lowest price.

The features are

  •  Email

Your domain name comes with a professional email address and 2GB mailbox space at Hostbillo.

  • Security

For improving security and SEO ranking Hostbillo offers an SSL Certificate with your first Domain. It enhances security and also improved the credibility of your site.

  • 10000 SubDomains

For structuring your website and customizing it properly Hostbillo offers 10000 Subdomains when you register for the .com Domain.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Hostbillo offer 24/7 Customer Support when you Register for the .com Domain. You always get the best solution to your Domain Related problem in no time.

  • Domain Lock

For preventing unauthorized attempts while .com Domain Transfer Hostbillo provides Domain Lock Features. So its can secure your Domain Name


.com Domain is very important for a business website. It gives world recognition. Yes, it is expensive but there are domain providers who provide Cheap .com Domain.

Buy .com Domain at Lowest Price from Hoastbillo and experience all its features and advantage of it. Hostbillo is a well-trusted and well-known Domain Provider who provides Domain Services at a cheap price.

Get more information about Hostbillo Hosting Solution’s .com Domain names and offers at the company’s official website.


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