Requesting a Donation for your Silent Auction

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A common form of fundraising that works across all types of non-profit organizations is silent auctions. A silent auction is a way to raise money for specific causes using companies and charities. It’s displayed for attendees to appraise, bid on, and buy during a silent auction. There are many benefits to holding a silent auction fundraiser.

When we think of auctions and imagine a room full of auction items, a silent auction is more formal than that. Silent auctions use paper bid sheets or mobile software where bidders compete to win household items and packages. Companies can use a silent auction to raise money by auctioning various items.

Silent auctions use mobile bidding and bid sheets. The highest bidder wins the item, and the company can receive and continue when time runs out. It goes directly to a non-profit or charitable group.

Why a silent auction?

A silent auction is a unique way to bid, so having items that follow a theme and world-conquering new adventure will grab your donor’s attention and keep them bidding. There are over 30 different silent auction ideas you should try or get inspired for your next fundraiser!

A silent auction participant may spend part of the event checking out the auction items. If they want to bid on something found, they use an anonymous bid sheet in front of the displayed items. Most silent auctions require a low bid amount and a low rise. The minimum requirement indicates how many dollars more than the last bid must be raised.

List of companies that donate to silent auctions:

Here’s a list of the five organizations that donate to the silent auctions! These organizations enjoy supporting good causes and emphasize business interests. With the help of silent auctions and generous business, the event will be a success.

Since 2009, Charity Safaris has been one of the premier fundraising platforms. To ensure the primary goal of an event is successful and profitable, thus helping communities in many parts of the planet!

1. Charity Safaris:

We see massive support for silent auctions by Charity Safaris. It is one of the leading fundraising firms across the states. Providing attractive offers like the hunting trips at no cost to raise money for charity and helping in extensive support to make the event successful. They work on four types, live auctions, silent auctions, online auctions, and raffles. Charity Safaris should be your first preference if you want an in-kind donation for your silent auction.

2. Kendra Scott:

Texas-based Kendra Scott’s jewelry company has unique designs with good-quality gemstones at affordable prices. It includes products ranging from everyday jewelry to high-end jewelry. It also offers a range of wedding jewelry and engagement rings. Kendra Scott offers one-of-a-kind donation programs. Applying to the online form is easy; Non-profit organizations can receive donations or send them upon approval.

3. Oriental Trading Company:

Oriental Trading Company is a direct seller of party arts and crafts, educational supplies, toys, and novelties. They have supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity. Oriental Trading Company is headquartered in Omaha and Nebraska, and they are a great way to donate items for the silent auction.

4. Carnival Foundation:

Carnival Foundation is the flagship philanthropic arm of Carnival Corporation. The Carnival Foundation is an excellent option for donors who want to support various causes. It promotes workforce development and higher education programs and supports broader educational initiatives. The task is to improve the lives of children and families in need.

5. Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble is a major national bookstore across the United States. It sells books every year and donates to any non-profit organization. It has also been known to donate items for silent auctions. Barnes & Noble is an excellent option if you are looking for a silent auction donation. They provide literacy programs, schools, and libraries. With some research, you can find contact information for a location near you.

Advantages of a silent auction:

  • A Silent auction helps raise money for charities and non-profits. Items collected for auction are often marked by a sponsor or person who supports a particular cause.
  • A Silent auction supports charities based on personal experience or interests, providing a valuable gift.
  • It can be easily incorporated into a more significant event, so adding other events is easy. Most indoor events can be auctioned off silently. These events attract your donor base and new ones to your organization.
  • ‘It’s great for first-timers if your company hosts an event for the first time. It’s a good idea to start with a silent auction.

Companies must consider certain basics when planning and conducting a silent auction. Advertising for an event should start as soon as the date is fixed. Promote through social media and email, and pay attention to what’s in your communications.

Take the time to organize and successfully conduct silent auctions. The number of bids in the auction depends on the overall number of participants you expect. In general, offering a variety of auction items is a good idea to ensure that all participants can participate and find something within their budget.


A silent auction is a process of unique or grouped items that can work well because they are experienced. It’s normal to have more questions during the silent auction planning process. You can make a lot of money by running silent auctions, but be careful how you set them up.