Scope of Flutter Mobile App Development in 2022

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The two major platforms that host mobile applications are – Android & iOS. That’s not all the platforms businesses target as we have Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. as well. And the best way to develop applications for all such platforms is by using the cross-platform app development framework – Flutter. 

Released in May 2017 by Google and the community, Flutter has come a long way today. Businesses can hire Flutter app developers and leverage many of its new features and updates to create unique mobile experiences. 

And with the latest Flutter 3 update and release plans by Google, there seem to be immense growth opportunities for Flutter in 2022 and ahead. 

Let’s dive deeper! 

Flutter in 2022 – Stats & Facts 

  • In 2021, Flutter appeared to be the most favored mobile app development framework followed by React native (As per a Statista survey report). 
  • The platform is based on Dart programming language and utilizes a C++ rendering engine. 
  • It has around 73,185 Github stars. 
  • The revenue generated by Flutter apps in 2021 was around $8.10 bn up by 36.7% when compared to 2020 revenue. 
  • Flutter 3 was released on 11th May 2022 with support for six platforms using a single codebase – Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, web, and Mac. 
  • The mobile app development framework is now allegedly entering the games app sector with its newest version release. 

Scope of Mobile App Development With Flutter 3 in 2022 

Irrespective of the business size, Flutter is an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop hybrid mobile apps. We have seen many successful implementations of Flutter in industries like – Healthcare, Finance, Education, IT, Manufacturing, Retail & eCommerce. 

And in 2022, these opportunities are further optimized with the release of the Flutter 3 version. The latest version has improved the way Flutter applications work. Let’s look at the new and interesting ways of app development that Flutter 3 brought with it. 

What more can you do with Flutter 3 in 2022? 

Support for BAAS (Backend as a service), Firebase 

Google is well prepared to make mobile app development easier and more seamless for developers in 2022. Its cloud platform ‘Firebase’ acts as a readymade backend tool that can be now integrated with Flutter apps effortlessly. 

With the Flutter 3 upgrade, Google has moved all the documentation and source code to the Firebase site and repository. Thus, Flutter developer experts have a powerful backend tool to depend on for developing robust applications. The new feature update Firebase Crashlytics can also help detect crashes and errors in real-time. 

What more can you expect? 

Google plans to make Flutter development easier with Firebase as it is creating a suite of plugins. 

Stable support for Linux and MacOS

When the Flutter framework initially came into existence, it extended support for iOS and Android. But eventually, the platform offered support for web, Windows, and embedded devices as well. But with the Flutter 3 version release, the stabilized support for macOS and Linux was also extended. 

Introduced Flutter Casual Games Toolkit 

In 2022, businesses can leverage the Flutter framework for creating casual game applications too. While the framework doesn’t aim for heavy action games like PubG and more, it is suitable for developing casual gaming applications. 

The open-source Casual Games Toolkit coffers many useful features like Play services, Firebase support, in-app purchases, and so on. With the support for hardware-powered graphics, developing Flutter games is going to be big this year and beyond. 

Support for foldable phones 

Since its collaboration with Microsoft, Flutter supports developing apps for foldable smartphones. The common problem when programming for such phones is creating a seamless user experience and a well-designed UI. 

Flutter 3 addresses these concerns of developers with Display features and MediaQuery class. The minute details regarding cutouts, fold, and hinges are kept into consideration while designing. 

Besides these, streamlined iOS releases, the variable refresh rate for iOS, image decoding, web app lifecycle, etc. are a few noteworthy features you can enjoy with Flutter 3. 

Flutter SDK Releases planned for 2022 

The Flutter SDK has multiple channels. These channels are mentioned underneath in order (from least stable to most stable). 

  • Master 
  • Beta 
  • Stable 

The most stable a channel is, the better opportunities you get for developing mobile apps. Ever since Flutter 3 is released, many following versions have been released. Dedicated Flutter app developers have to choose the most stable ones for a better development experience. 

Here, we have mentioned all the stable channels of Flutter 3 which you can bring to use. 

For Windows & Linux


Version Release date Supported Dart Version 
3.0.0 5/12/2022 2.17.6
3.0.1 5/20/2022 2.17.5
3.0.2 6/10/2022 2.17.5
3.0.3 6/23/2022 2.17.3
3.0.4 7/1/2022 2.17.1
3.0.5 7/14/2022 2.17.0


For Mac OS


Version Release date Supported Dart Version 
3.0.0 5/12/2022 2.17.0
3.0.1 5/20/2022 2.17.1

These are some noteworthy features added to Flutter in 2022 to make it an excellent tool for developing hybrid mobile apps and it is here to stay. Furthermore, it also enables businesses to decide if it is feasible to invest and hire dedicated flutter app developers to kickstart their projects in 2022. 


Flutter is convenient, fast, reliable, and backed by Google. It is growing fast and has already become the most celebrated SDK available today for cross-platform app development. There’s no denying that developing and testing with Flutter is convenient and these new features are here to prove that. To conclude, 2022 seems to be a remarkable year for Flutter enthusiasts.