SecureKin Review: Best Kids Monitoring App for better Parenting

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SecureKin Review

We live in an age of digital exploitation, fraud, bullying, and more. Keeping young and innocent minds safe in this era is a really demanding task. Parental control apps are here to help, though; they are doing a wonderful job. The SecureKin app is a reliable option in this regard as it offers many useful features and services. Its main strength lies in a user-centered interface that is very simple to use. The monitoring tool opens a wide range of options for parents to keep their kids safe and secure in this threatening world. It gives parents the control they need and deserves to handle kids as ultimately, in the end, they are responsible for the minors.

Real-Time Location

As the name suggests, if you are always curious about the kids’ real-time location, then this fine feature is for you. Get the SecureKin app, and you can know about the pinpoint location of the kid in real time. It is an extremely useful feature in case your kids are out of town for studies or any recreational trip.


The Internet contains all types of data in all possible forms. Though age restrictions are taken seriously at some points, it is not safe to rely on them. The Web-filtering feature offered by the SecureKin app is a real blessing as it gives the power to parents to block unwanted stuff from their kid’s devices remotely. They can block any content or filter based on keywords to stop the exposure of kids to unwanted stuff.

Browsing History

Before blocking or filtering online stuff, parents must know about their kid’s browsing history. Only then can we know what to allow or to block on the kid’s device. SecureKin is a complete package as the app offers extremely useful features like a track internet browsing history feature. It reports about the website and bookmark stuff, making it possible for parents to know everything the kids get exposed to through the wild web.

Screen Time

The SecureKin app saves screen time activities in the form of screenshots. Not only that, the feature even saves the time spent on individual apps and reports it to parents. In simple words, an app can notify you timely about your daughter’s obsession with online filters on Snapchat or Instagram. In that way, you can take the necessary action right away.

Activity Report

If you are a busy parent and want every kind of kids’ activity under a single platform, you can even get that with the SecureKin app. All the details of the screen time activities are reported to the parents in the form of activity reports. All you need to do is check the details and immediately take the necessary action.

App Block

For some parents, dating apps are a real danger in the lives of their kids. For others, violent games are the enemy, and some complain about the social media platforms that consume most of the kids’ day. The SecureKin app offers an app block feature that allows parents to block such stuff immediately. Block any app you think is unsuitable for your minor kid with just a few clicks and make their life simple and trouble-free.

Location History

Finding out about real-time location is not always the thing every parent wants. Sometimes, they want a timeline to know about the whereabouts and movement history in general to know more about kids’ interests, daily routines, and habits. Well, the SecureKin app offers excellent features in the form of location history records. It manages the timeline of all the places the kid visits and notifies the parents.


Keylogger or keystroke logging feature is amazing in dealing with digital issues like cyberbullying, fraud cases, threatening messages, and more. It saves all the keypad record for the parents and let them know how the kid is using the smart gadget keypad. Access to this data type means discovering account ID information and credentials.

Using the SecureKin app, parents can easily navigate their minor kid’s lives and know better things. It is more about encouraging healthy digital habits among the tech-savvy generation, as it is the only way to survive.