Shopify SEO Q&A

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Shopify is a SaaS company that licenses its software to users around the world and is geared toward building eCommerce websites that make it easy to manage admin and customer accounts, orders, payments, shipping, and more.

Some of the most prevalent questions on the web deal with Shopify, SEO, and Shopify SEO companies. Here are some of the top ones with a few quick answers.

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

No platform is “inherently” good for SEO, since SEO is a collection of practices that optimize a website so it can show up in the organic search results.

Any website, built on any platform, can have “good” or “bad” SEO depending on how the website is managed.

However, some platforms are easier to work with than others and Shopify is fairly straightforward. Since it is a SaaS, there are many features that make the platform appealing to users, even out of the box.

Is Shopify Optimized for SEO?

Again, Shopify itself is simply a platform. It is neither optimized for SEO nor not optimized for SEO “out of the box.”

But, being a SaaS, it offers high security, high uptime, and many prepackaged technical SEO features that are technically optimized for a search engine to crawl it.

The platform also automatically generates a robots.txt file and an XML sitemap, is compatible with a wide range of plug-ins, and offers a structure with many page-level features that are easy to edit, making it easier for novice users to create and launch a functional website, and then optimize it.

Shopify is also compatible with many free and paid templates that are optimized (generally) for mobile users and for SEO. The platform also automatically generates canonical tags that help prevent duplicate content from incurring a penalty.

Does Shopify Offer SEO Services?

Despite the fact that Shopify, as a platform, is easy to work with and offers some SEO-friendly features, the company does not “sell” SEO services. It sells a framework; what users do with it from there is up to them.

In order to fully optimize a Shopify website for SEO, an eCommerce business owner will either need to perform research and make the optimizations himself or herself, hire an in-house specialist, or contract out to a Shopify SEO company.

Are There Companies That Specialize in Shopify SEO?

Yes, there are companies that directly specialize in Shopify SEO. These Shopify SEO companies know what comes optimized in Shopify out of the box and what doesn’t so they can make the necessary optimizations.

Shopify SEO agencies will perform keyword research, detect SEO issues in an online store, implement changes and publish content that will improve the search engine optimization of a Shopify store.

This will hopefully improve organic impressions, which in turn will increase organic traffic and should boost sales, revenue, and conversion rates.

How Do I Choose a Shopify SEO Company

If you’re looking for a marketing agency to run your Shopify SEO campaign, choose a Shopify SEO company that:

  • Is familiar with the Shopify platform.
  • Can demonstrate examples of success with clients, past and present, based on Shopify.
  • Offers supporting web design, development, and consulting services.
  • Offers to support Shopify marketing services in addition to eCommerce SEO, such as social media management and email marketing services.
  • Can demonstrate experience and proficiency with Shopify.
  • Holds accreditations or relevant certifications (such as Google Analytics – which is necessary to track the performance of Shopify SEO services).
  • Has a variety of good reviews from clients in various different industries.
  • Most importantly, choose Shopify SEO experts that are professional in their dealings with you and who inspire confidence.

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