Six Best Places to Play Bingo in London

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Here are London’s largest and most exciting non-senior-only bingo London events that every player will enjoy.

We put together a list of the five best bingo halls in London where you can play the game in an exciting and entertaining style for those who like to imbibe. Players of any age may enjoy this classic pastime, which is no longer restricted to stuffy rooms with unlimited call-outs.

Dabbers Social Bingo

The first modern, purpose-built bingo hall in the United Kingdom is nicknamed “Dabbers,” not after the dance but after the marker-like gadget used to keep track of your called numbers.

Confetti cannons and free alcohol show that they are committed to making the game fun for everyone, so much so that they have abandoned the strict eyes-down approach. From innuendo-filled cabaret and comedy to major prize events and even Doggie Bingo on a Sunday, every show is packed with audience interaction and prizes ranging from real cash to vacations to emoji stress balls. With tasty eats like burgers and breakfast and libations that aren’t as harsh as your standard pub, this spot is an excellent substitute for a night out. Bingo combinations may be found on the meal and drink menus, and tickets start at £15 each. The BBQ jackfruit burger is highly recommended since it is reasonably priced and tasty.

Merkur Bingo

One of the most reputable online gaming platforms, Merkur Bingo is a place where you and your friends may have a good time. In addition to that, Merkur Bingo gives its customers the highest quality eats and drinks. You can browse the menus by checking with the clubs in your area. In addition to this, they conduct several engaging activities that will bring you a great deal of joy. Ladies’ night, Meltdown bingo, and Glow are the activities that will be taking place tonight. You are also able to view the most recent game of your favourite sport.

Blingo: Hip Hop & RnB Bingo

You may not immediately associate Hip Hop with older adults and bingo games, but a trip to Blingo will alter your mind. Play a lot of bingo while attempting to sing along to the finest 90s hip hop and R&B tunes at the funniest bingo game in London, run by Grandma Flash and her reliable squad, and you will laugh till you cry.

Now that you can play Bingo online, there are no more valid reasons for not doing so.

Bongo’s Bingo

Taking bingo London as far as possible from the idea of being played by elderly folks in a village hall with an antiquated hand-turned bingo machine, Bongo’s Bingo is the “going out out” version of the classic game you never realized you wanted but really needed.

Bongo’s has everything you might need to have a good time and be prepared for the night ahead, including a wide variety of hosts and dancers to keep you engaged and a dress code guide to help you find your right match.

There aren’t many places you can go out and win a Henry Hoover, but Bingo Bongo is one of them, and it’s only one of the many reasons why the events are conducted in 40 cities across the globe.

Musical Bingo

All those who have a passion for music come together! Playing Musical Bingo is the best option if you’re not a big fan of numbers but still want to enjoy the exciting pace of traditional bingo. Keep your eyes wide and your ears peeled for tunes that match the ones on your bingo card rather than shutting them.

Like regular bingo halls near me, the rounds in Musical Bingo (also known as an interactive club night) are themed around specific types of music, specific decades of music, or are unrelated to one other in some way, and players win prizes when they complete their cards. It’s a great way to dial up the heat on a regular night out, with great tunes and enthusiastic hosts keeping the party strong all night long. Even once a month, Dabbers has them! Put on your best dancing clothes; the music will start as soon as the cards are dealt.

The Big Bingo Show

Need something to cheer you up on a Monday? Attending the Big Bingo Show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a must. Beautiful bearded drag queen Timberlina and DJ Neil Prince host a monthly bingo London night that’s filled with cabaret, singalongs, and comedy. For those unfamiliar with bingo, the game’s emphasis on entertainment-themed bingo rounds may be intuitive, yet, you may find yourself laughing so hard that you lose track of your playing card. As a result, going to the bar is now more attractive than ever.

London is a big city, and bingo is easily one of the best games to win exciting prizes. Nothing better than bingo London with music and fun! We hope these suggestions have helped you.