Six fashion trends spring-summer 2022

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From the miniskirt to bright colors, through fringes and stripes. If something characterizes today’s fashion, it is its heterogeneity. In recent years we have seen everything: trends from the 80s that are coming back with a bang, masculine looks coexisting with super feminine styles… The world of fashion is for many a confusing territory and it is not for less.

The result of this anarchy could not be more positive: you are the boss in your way of dressing. Try to make clothes become a form of expression and not only will you be right for sure, you will also feel better with your own image.

On a walk along the Gran Via we find the most varied outfits. However, although today everyone can wear what they want without anyone looking at them funny, we find certain common patterns. In conclusion: everything is worn, but there are some garments and styles that predominate.

Take note of this selection of trends for 2022 and find the inspiration you need to give your style a twist.


·       The fashion of taking the ankles to the air passed (thank goodness)


It seems that the annoying trend of “fishing pants” is finally behind us. Men and women – mostly young – have spent years showing off their ankles on the coldest days of the year. And it is that the Capri type pants, those that are short, are worn with sneakers and without socks (or with ankle socks).

Now that we have verified that if you have cold ankles you are cold throughout the body, the trend is being pushed aside to make way for other styles.

The jeans that are most popular this year are those with a straight cut, those that are somewhat wide and those with a bell. 2000s-style jeans (wide and low-rise) burst onto the fashion scene this year, to the surprise of all of us who had already become accustomed to the flattering high waist.


·       The miniskirt will be next summer’s garment


The miniskirt, the essential garment at the beginning of the eclectic 2000s, will return to our wardrobes next spring-summer season. From checks, cowgirls, to boards… there is something for all tastes.


·       Blazers, that is, Americans


Suit jackets will continue to be a trend in 2022. The blazer is a key piece, season after season, in all its versions, in all sizes, fabrics and colors. Leather ones, which already reigned on the catwalks in the 90s, will be very popular, and also in an “oversize” format and with very marked shoulders.


·       Color block


Color block looks are intense color combinations: pink and red, yellow and violet, blue and green… what we were told all our lives didn’t fit. The riskier the combination, the better.

This trend will also be reflected in the sweaters and jackets, which will be filled with color to bring a touch of optimism to our outfits.


·       Fringes


Fringes will be essential in 2022. The collections have recovered them to place them on all imaginable garments, especially as part of skirts and dresses or on the trim of jackets.


·       Stripes


Vertical striped patterns are the print of the season. The truth is that striped shirts are timeless garments that will last in your wardrobe regardless of trends.