Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

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Every home is slowly growing to incorporate modern features in their structure, layout and furnishings. Replacing traditional and ancient furnishings provides one of the biggest advantages of using less space while still making your room look fashionable. 

Making better choices for your home will help in making your life easier in many ways. One such example is how in the previous decades, there was only the system of opening wardrobe doors the normal hinge way. But, nowadays, to match up to contemporary house layouts, sliding door wardrobes have come out. 

Sliding door wardrobe designs are modern décor choices that add tremendous positive value to any home, with respect to its aesthetics and utility. Even if you have a small room, sliding door wardrobes can work easily. Moreover, they will be the perfect addition to a small room because they end up saving so much space! 

If you are looking for ways to light up your room with modern décor ideas, or save space in a small room, then, going for sliding door wardrobes is the best choice. Continue reading this blog to get ideas for the best sliding door wardrobe designs that are extremely popular and trendy!

Top sliding door wardrobe designs 

Get inspiration from the top sliding door wardrobe designs mentioned below. 

Glass sliding door wardrobe 

Having a glass sliding door designed wardrobe in your room adds an instant touch of elegance and style. Not only does the glass make your room look bigger and expanded but also makes it look classy. With glass doors, you can instantly pinpoint where items are in your wardrobe, and you will unconsciously be forced into keeping your wardrobe tidy. If you do not want to go with complete glass doors to protect your privacy, you can go for frosted glass sliding doors. Except for the see-through feature, you get to experience the same classiness. 

Mirror sliding door wardrobe 

Whether you have a small room or a big one, having mirror sliding door wardrobes will make your room look bigger and lighter. Natural light will be able to do its magic better if your wardrobe has mirrors. With a mirror wardrobe, you end up saving space for an additional mirror placement in the room. If you want, you can either have a complete mirror sliding door wardrobe, go for a single/few sliding doors with mirrors, or some design with mirrors. 

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Solid coloured sliding door wardrobe 

Solid coloured sliding door wardrobes are the most common but easy designs. You can colour the entire wardrobe a single colour, or play around with different colours to create a colourful design. 

Hand-painted sliding door wardrobe 

If you are someone who loves decorating their home on their own, or DIY-ing things, then, hand-painting sliding door wardrobes is the ideal option for you. Using your creativity, you can do whatever you want. You can easily hand-paint flowers, sceneries, figurines, geometric designs, or even write quotes on the door. Of course, remember that this process of hand-painting might be tedious. But, if you are sure of enjoying the process, then go ahead with it following the right steps!

Wooden sliding door wardrobe 

Having wooden sliding door wardrobe designs are meant to give your home a traditional as well as modern look. Use good quality wood for your wardrobe, or you can even use laminated wood. Or else, you can use rich paint to make your wardrobe look wooden. 

Combined sliding door wardrobe

A combined sliding door wardrobe means to combine different designs with each other. With this, you can do whatever you want and combine different designs to create something absolutely new. For example- you can combine the mirror with a frosty glass design; single floral door with the remaining solid painted wardrobe doors; or alternating glass and wood sliding door wardrobe design. You can go ahead with combining designs apart from these as well. 

We should always remember the interior decoration is one of the most important part of home decoration. 


Whatever sliding door wardrobe designs you choose for your room, you need to ensure that it matches the overall aesthetics and theme of your room. If you have a striped or check-printed walled room, but you have floral sliding door wardrobes, then, it will look very odd. You need to balance your room layout and design with the wardrobe to make your room look even better. Apart from the above-mentioned sliding door wardrobe designs, you can go ahead and DIY any design you have in mind. Only with trial-and-error, can you figure out what kind of design will look best on your room’s wardrobe!

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