Solve Brother Printer Error Code 46 Quickly

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This post will discuss the 46 error codes that the Brother printer displays. When the printer’s printing pads become full of waste ink, the 46 error message will appear on the screen. The system will then automatically send this error to stop further damage to your printer. Brother Printer error code 46 and Brother printer is offline is most common when the manufacturer warranty has expired.

We did some research to find a way to save money. These steps were applied to our brother printer, and it worked. Below are the eight steps we followed to fix this error and continue to use your printer.

If the printer model you are looking for is not on the above list, please comment below. We will help you find an alternative or update our list.

How to get rid of the 46 error code from the Brother printers:

The name of your printer might be changed on the control panel. In this case, the message “copy 1” could appear. It will still be the same printer that you used before the configuration, even though it appears to have been connected to a different USB port.

Step #1:

First, ensure that your printer is turned on and connected to your computer during the entire procedure. This also means that the computer must be turned on and fully functional.

Step #2:

In this order, press the MONO/STAR and MENU/SET buttons. Wait for approximately five (5) seconds after this is complete.

Step #3:

You will see the MAINTENANCE 10 option on your screen. The FAX and COPIY buttons will turn green.

Step #4:

Use the navigation keys to move up and select the MAINTENANCE80 option from the MENU. Next, press the MONO/STAR again and hit the MENU/SET 1.

Step #5:

Scroll until you reach the purge button, It will have a number but don’t pay attention to it.

Step #6:

After the purge has finished, enter code 2783. The counter will reset to zero after a brief beeping sound.

Step #7:

To confirm, press the STOP/EXIT Button.

Step #8:

Disconnect the printer’s power cable after five ( HTML5_ ) seconds.

We are happy to answer any questions or provide clarifications on the steps.

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