Sushi Knife At Home

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You can make nigiri, sushi rolls, and sashimi, it’s up to you. But the knife you use will always be the same.

Fish Knife

When preparing any sushi, you need to make sure that you slice the fish properly. This is best done with a Professional Handmade Japanese Kitchen Knife, a professional Japanese knife for cutting fish for sushi and sashimi. The unique tilt angle gives professional chefs more control over the thickness of the sashimi. And make sure your kits are perfect for your presentations. The long blade allows the chef to make a wide sweep to cut the meat together.

fish cutting
fish cutting

Chop The Vegetables

Unlike Professional Handmade Japanese Kitchen knives, the Nakiri is a Japanese master knife for slicing and slicing vegetables with a double-edged blade. And it has a thin blade that makes it easy to cut vegetables. You don’t need to move the blade to cut vegetables, it’s enough to use a simple chopper, and different parts of the knife can be used to cut vegetables in different ways. Avocado slices for sushi rolls, California rolls, or cucumber for vegetarian sushi rolls. This knife is easy to make.

vegetables cutting
vegetable cutting

Cut The Sushi Rolls.

When cutting sushi rolls, you need to cut vegetables and fish. Thus, you need a religious knife. It is called the Professional Japanese knife which means “three virtues” because it can be used for different purposes. This also doubles the point and you will find at least one Professional Japanese knife in any hobbyist’s home.

sushi rolls
sushi rolls

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