TechSquadTeam: A Laudable Rising Star in Home Maintenance Market

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TechSquadTeam, now a leading company dealing with cleaning, pest control, and various other home and personal maintenance services came into existence in 2016. The founder of the company Mr. Janmejaya Nanda has always been a visionary and before starting TechSquadTeam had successfully commenced, build and staged another IT company for the entire world to witness. But TechSquadTeam remained his dream project.

The company initiated the collaborative efforts of Mr. Janmejaya Nanda, the COO-cum-Director and Ms. Shakti Smaraanika Mohini, the Managing Director and co-founder of the company. Both the co-founders had more than twenty years of experience in the IT sector from the ‘Silicon City’ and this experience boosted the hope for starting such huge endeavor. The starting journey was, of course, a battleground and surviving itself was a fight every day. But both the founders never lost sight of the goal that was to be at the top of the food chain.

“I have seen people from other states of our country venturing out into business arenas and making a relatively small startup into a booming multinational. Being an Odia, I want to make a multinational company based out of my own state Odisha. TechSquadTeam started as ignition in Bhubaneswar and within 3 years we have grown to provide services in 2 other major cities in India; Bangalore and Hyderabad,” Mr. Nanda informed.

Mr. Nanda initiated the company with a mission incorporated along with the startup. The company aimed to deliver superior quality and high level of integrity while serving its customers at their doorsteps at the cheapest prices in the market. Initially, TechSquadTeam began with a focus on just three home or office maintenance services; house cleaning, pest control and electrical services. All of the services provided were handled only by well-trained and skilled in house technicians.

But now the in house services have included plumbing as its integral part. Apart from that, the company has added many associate services like installation, repair, and maintenance of CCTV cameras, interior, and exterior painting, repairing appliances and carpentry works. The company has affiliation and business dealing with companies like Atom Berg and Livspace which are the best in industry home appliances and maintenance firms that provide ample scope for the growth of the company in newer locations and markets.

The ugly corporate struggles have not deterred the determination of the founders or its employees and TechSquadTeam have slowly climbed from grabbing 400 fresh customers during its initial stages to a remarkable number of 40,000 loyal and satisfied customers through its flexible, affordable, crystal clear and customer-first dealings. The company is a rising star no doubt with a clear and unwavering goal to reach the big leagues within the next few years.