Best Tried and Tested Ebook Marketing Strategies You Should Know

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After completing your Ebook, the next milestone you look forward to is marketing it and making it famous worldwide. Most writers are daunted by this prospect as their job is to write and marketing is better left to the experts. Right?

No, Ebook marketing is something that you should know as an author. From a passive income source to an asset for your brand, an Ebook has many benefits. So, learning the right way to Ebook marketing is quite essential. Ebooks have many benefits. You can use it to show off your expertise in your niche, advertise your brand subtly, stand out from your competition, and generate qualified leads, what else do we want?

Some Pre-Launchings Ideas that Effectively market your Ebook

Before the official launch of your Ebook, it is essential that you conduct some pre-launch marketing. What will this do? Create a hype!

When you entice your audience with content you are about to introduce, they get more excited. Humans are a curious race, so if you pique their interest a while before coming out with your achievement, you’ll have an entire community waiting just for you!

So, create this buzz around your Ebook, using the correct marketing strategies and experience as you have a following in a small amount of time!

  • Create a Blog

The first thing you should do is create a website for yourself and your Ebook. Make sure that your landing page has a blog page. This blog will give you a chance to engage your readers by posting different blogs that will expose your audience to your writing style and drive new audiences back to your Ebook landing page.

You have a chance to engage with your future readers this way. Just remember to add a comment box under each of your blogs, this way you will be encouraging the feedback of your readers. More than Ebooks, people tend to read blogs more. So, this is a sure way to drive traffic back to your site. Make sure that your blogs resonate with your Ebook, or else you’ll be driving the wrong traffic, and the hype you wanted to create is never sufficient.

  • Pre-Launch Promotions with Pre-Launching Landing Pages

As we are assuming that you already have a website dedicated to you. We recommend that you make a landing page for your Ebook on that site. This landing page includes all the latest updates on your Ebook. S, from the release date to some exciting snippets or quotes should be added to this site.

You can also add the link to this landing page in the emailing list, this way, you know your patronage is excited about the launch. So, the more buzz you create beforehand, the more leads you create leading up to the launch of your book, increasing the chances of success!

  • Facebook Ads Bring You Attention

One of the most effective methods of promoting your Ebook before the launch is to go for Facebook ads. You want to create awareness about the launch of your Ebook? Facebook possesses the ability to hyper-target your audience and effectively shows your ad to the desired reader community.

You can use these ads to increase the likes of your page and as the traffic comes rushing to your site, you’ll realise that this is quite a reasonable investment.

  • Keep Your Readers in the Loop with Emails

You already have a website. Create a newsletter emailing signup space. This way, not only will you be able to connect with your readers, but you’ll also know how many people are actually interested in your book. You can keep all your subscribers in the loop by providing them with regular updates.

You can email them about the updates on your Ebook like if you are planning on doing a launch party, you will want to invite the people who are most curious and excited about your Ebook, so who’s better deserving than the people who actually subscribed to your newsletter!

The Best Marketing Tactics that make Your Sales Boost

The digital marketing world is vast and filled with opportunities. Cleverness is knowing how to take full advantage of these chances. These are the tactics that you can use before as well as after the launch of your book. So, some of the best marketing methods that will surely boost the sales of your Ebook are mentioned here:

  • A Killer Landing Page Will Attract the Most Audience

The main goal of your marketing campaign is to attract people, so, if you ensure that you have a wonderful landing page, then getting leads for your Ebook will be a piece of cake. A landing page on your site is the one that converts your visitors into your leads. You have a call-to-action on this page with some compelling content about your book that coerces your visitor to click on the action button. This is the main goal of this site.

Therefore, if you want your visitors to click on that landing page action button, you need to captivate your audience with your landing page. In order to do that, you have to research your target. Add the name of your Ebook, mention if it’s free or paid, add a little summary, invest your time in researching your reader’s perspective and then do your magic to create your page.

  • Promote it on Your Website

Before going all out in marketing your Ebook on different platforms, it’s important to first optimize your own platform. When you enhance your own website, you not only increase your traffic, but you also increase your rating on different search engines, which automatically brings you more audience.

To add your Ebook to your website, you can start by adding an Ebook banner to the blog you write. You can also add the link that leads to downloading your Ebook at the end of each post that’s doing good on the internet. Another thing that you can do on your website is to add an Ebook slide on your sidebar callout or make just one for your special Ebook.

  • Make the Most of Social Media

The most powerful marketing tool is social media, so, make sure that you use it to the best of your capability. You get exposure at its finest when you use social media correctly. So, having a social presence is a crucial necessity for your Ebook promotional campaign.

Adding teasers to announcing important Ebook-related events on your social networks will get you the most attention.  You can attract attention from a lot of readers when you add your Ebook announcement on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you expose yourself to the entire world.

You can connect with your audience from anywhere in the world at any time. This also gives you the advantage of getting feedback from a large crowd and enticing that many people as well. On your social platforms, you can promote your Ebook by numerous methods.

From creating teaser posts to videos, you can take inspiration and maybe even quotes from your Ebook and allure people towards buying your book!

You can utilize such platforms in different ways, which include:


On Facebook, you can create an author’s page and then link your landing page to each post. You can also post about giveaways, sales, and even updates about other books. Facebook ads are also one of the most efficient ways of marketing your Ebook.


By researching the right keywords and hashtags of your Ebook on Twitter will lead you to the right people. You can easily reach out to them and increase your sales. It is said that most people click on tweets that have images, so make sure you add some amazing photographs in all your posts!


Instagram is one of the most interactive platforms. Create a business account for your Ebook, generate some cool posts about it, using pictures and quotes; make sure to post daily and experience as you reach out to a whole community of readers ready to buy your masterpiece.

You can add the link to your landing page in your bio and effortlessly interact with your readers in the comment section under your posts!

  • Guest-Blogging can be Quite Effective

Guest blogging is one of the most popular and effective methods of promotion. From authors to large corporations, all use guest blogging to promote their work. If you want to increase your reach and authority, guest posting is the right to go about it. Not only does it make you more famous, by promoting your resources, it also makes you visible to the people who are interested in similar subjects.

All you have to do is research the most authoritative websites that have a highly respectful outlook on the internet and then pitch some really good guest posts. This way, your Ebook will get the recognition it deserves!

Things to do After Book Launch

After you have learned the ins and outs of marketing your Ebook efficiently, you will be ready to sell it on a large scale because e you have all these followers waiting! However, your promotional strategies don’t stop as soon as your Ebook is published, there are some additional steps that you need to take in order to preserve the importance of your book and maybe the upcoming books. These steps include;

  • Engage with Readers Online

You have a comment section on your website author website and you have all of your social platforms. In order to keep your Ebook at the top of the chart, you are required to engage with people online. When you have used your social platforms and other forums to promote your Ebook, you must have created a community of readers that love your book, so keep up your interaction with them even after the launch. This way, you’ll not only keep your readers loyal but also gain more readers!

So, if you play your cards right, you will gain a lot more audience and ultimately turn your Ebook into a passive income generating source that sells for years to come.

  • Ask for Reviews

Feedback is a crucial part of growing and developing. When you interact with your audience and ask for their reviews, they see that you care about how they react to your book, so they will definitely give your book a chance.

Communicate with your audience and ask them for reviews through different means. You can use google forms to gather feedback or encourage them to leave comments under your posts. When you ask for their expectations and tell them your future plans, it builds trust between the readers and authors. So encourage them to give you their evaluation of your book so that you can improve in the future and consider your reader’s suggestions in the next Ebooks you write.

  • Maybe Write Another Book?

You want to pursue writing as your main profession? Then writing another book is a great way to ensure that your loyal readers stay with you all the way. However, if that’s not your primary career choice, you can still consider writing another book in the future. If that’s the case, you should still keep your readers in the loop. Communicate with them about your future plans on writing or not writing an Ebook. This way, even if you follow up with another book, you’ll already have a community following you and anticipating your return!

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Final Words

Whether you want to take your brand to the next level by writing and marketing an Ebook or just want to go for a writing career, we hope you learned the best promotional tactics today. Go ahead and pen down your thoughts and create a buzz around the masterpiece you write with the finest marketing experience you just gained!

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