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How did you learn about BESTAXCA?

Although corporate audits are required by law, there is still a myth that audits are only necessary for legal reasons. However, a successful business depends heavily on regular audits and accounting. Without proper bookkeeping and External Audit Services In Dubai, business owners often believe that their business is profitable while losing money.

In many cases, due to untimely awareness, the damage is irreparable. This is why external audit services in Dubai must be approached with realism. Every business needs the help of experienced and qualified external auditors in Dubai to solve its accounting problems.

What is an external audit?

An independent auditor conducts external audits to verify the accuracy of financial records and transactions. Companies operating in the UAE must comply with government laws. This allows the external auditors to evaluate the financial statements of the organization.

External auditors are also responsible for:

Meeting with the organization’s employees to gather information

Formulating an audit strategy

Establishing audit procedures

identifying any risks faced by the organization

analyzing the organization’s financial statements.

Preparing the final audit report

Meetings with clients to discuss the findings of the audit report

What are the benefits of an external audit?

Assurance that government laws are being complied with

Increased confidence in financial institutions

Assurance of the accuracy of financial information

Prevention of fraud and dishonesty

Specialist knowledge required

Provides comprehensive analysis

Analyses the weaknesses of the organization

Increase efficiency and save resources

Provides unbiased information

Why the BESTAXCA audit?

At BESTAXCA Auditing, you will find only the best. We offer the expertise of CPAs, CPAs, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Accountants, and all the financial audit professionals our clients need. BESTAXCA provides:

Extensive industry experience

Experience is vital in the financial sector. As an experienced accounting and auditing firm in Dubai, you can fully trust us with your business.


The audit services we offer at BESTAXCA Auditing International are affordable and will not blow a hole in your budget.

Standardization in accordance with international guidelines

Our clients comply with global accounting standards.

The need for an external auditor is inevitable for any business in Dubai. We are the best audit service providers who provide impeccable audit services to ensure the smooth operation and profitability of BESTAXCA Auditing International – Auditors and Accountants. We consistently provide top-notch audit services to businesses across all sectors and industries, making us the most sought-after audit firm.

BESTAXCA is an approved and licensed auditor by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Therefore, in addition to being registered in all major free zones, our audit reports are accepted in all UAE.

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