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It is not always easy to find free programs to make videos with photos. I know that sometimes the language is a barrier, especially in programs with a very specific vocabulary, and the other barrier is the price, which is not always affordable in programs to make videos with photos and music.

Currently, I don’t know if you have ever tried to make a video with photos and add inspiring music to it, but I highly recommend it. I believe that photography, video, and music are perfect allies to find a good narrative, an emotion, to feel that we have captured some magical moments, that we have won the game over time by stealing those moments from oblivion.

So we are going to find a few programs for you to make spectacular videos of your special moments, do you feel like it? Go for it.


A free program to make a video with photos and music for Windows that, despite having been discontinued by Windows, is very complete. It does not receive updates, so the download version is the latest.

However, it continues to stand out for the number of editing options, transitions, and functions it offers. It has a simple and intuitive interface and requires few technical requirements.


It is a very complete program that exists in paid and free versions, both for Android and iOS systems. As an editing program, it is complete with many transitions, text, and editing options (color correction, video effects, subtitles, changing backgrounds, etc.) and more than 100 video and audio tracks.

One of the most complete editors with a free version with few limitations (yes, add a watermark to your work). If it convinces you and you want to get the most out of it, its price is not excessive at all for the benefits it offers.


An open-source video editor that you can use to make videos with photos and music that is also free and very complete.

It has many advanced options such as 2D titles, multi-channel audio and video montage, configurable shortcuts, numerous effects and transitions, and many other features.

If you want to go further in video editing, this is a good program, although it needs a good learning curve.


Another program that allows you to make videos with photos and music for free. It is very intuitive and easy to use.

This video editor has features like filters, transitions, visual effects, blur, etc., all in a simple and comprehensive interface.


This program is a complete video editor that offers a free version. AVS Video Editor has all the basic functions such as transitions, the possibility of adding subtitles, processing 4K files, color correction, slideshows with music, voice, etc.

If you use the free version, there will be a watermark to the works, but even so, it is complete and interesting for Windows users who want to make videos with music and photos.


It is a completely free video editor for Windows and macOS users. It supports more than 60 formats, more than 50 visual effects, 3D video editing, audio effects, color adjustments, subtitles, and fast and intuitive editing.


It is a program to edit videos with a free version exclusively for the Windows system. You need to register to use it, but its use is free.

It is conceived in a modular way and allows quick editing group work, and supports analog or 4K files. It is linked to Vimeo, so it is optimized for uploading videos to that platform.

This editor is exclusively in English, but learning the basic functionalities is not difficult to handle, even knowing little English.


Da Vinci Resolve is a program with professional overtones of which there is both a free version and a paid version with, obviously, more features.

This tool is a fast, non-linear editing system with a simple interface suitable for beginners but also for professional use. It allows you to compose visual effects, create graphic animations and mix audio.

The free version supports virtually all 8-bit formats at a maximum frame rate of 60 f/s in UHD definition (3840 x 2160).

It is the most complete and professional program on the list, so it requires a learning curve, but as a video editor, it is the best you will find, even in its free version.


In case what you are searching for is an application for your mobile computer or tablet, you can try the best video editing applications like Google Photos, Inshot, or Magisto. They will definitely solve all your doubts.

And if you don’t want to download any software and just want to make editor videos with your photos online, you can try FlexClip, Animoto, or Promo.

At Last

Have you already decided on your program to edit videos with photos and music? Make videos for special occasions or simply to be able to see your photos more pleasantly and emotionally, to send or to give as a gift.

Making videos with your photos is a way to bring your photos to life, and you know that in this blog, we are fans of it.

I hope this article will help you, so you don’t get lost among thousands of options and go straight to what you need. Don’t forget to share it if you consider it helpful.

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