The Best Traveling Apps for Your Smartphone

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Traveling Apps

In the midst of summer, everyone is probably thinking about a trip. Whether you plan your trip in advance or want to spontaneously book help, several different mobile apps will do the trick. Their developers have made sure that consumers get quick, well-organized and easily accessible information at all times, every step of the way – from ideas of where to book flights and hotels.


TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel apps because using it is as simple as gambling at a cassino online. It offers the ability to fully plan your vacation, from flights and hotel reservations to selecting the best deals. The main advantage of this software over others is the fact that it contains the largest collection of reviews of lodging, restaurants, attractions, sightseeing, tours, etc.

By using TripAdvisor, you increase the likelihood of making an informed decision about your trip based on other people’s experiences. However, the main drawback is the order in which the various booking sites are displayed – their ratings are not always related to customer opinions, so you need to spend more time looking at reviews.


TripIT is an app that helps you manage all your reservations – flights, hotels, and restaurants – in one place. It will save all emails to confirm your reservations, automatically process them and create a detailed plan for your trip, which of course you can edit.

Any changes, even unforeseen ones such as flight delays, will be automatically entered into TripIT. Among the main advantages is that the application does not require an internet connection to work. 


The app is one of the most popular for booking worldwide. You can save money on airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and even buy tickets to tourist attractions and parks. What sets Expedia apart from other travel apps is that there is a good rewards system for regular users.


Besides offering the basic features of other travel management apps, TripCase also handles and organizes all of your booking confirmation emails during your upcoming trip. The main advantage of the app is the fact that you send emails through it rather than opening your inbox.


Wanderu helps you organize your trip, in addition to comparing prices for individual services, demand for less popular modes of transportation, such as rail. You can use the app to book airfare, hotel, bus and train tickets, and a car.


HotelTonight helps you make last-minute hotel reservations. The platform is owned by Airbnb and allows the American company to go further in the hotel booking industry. Last-minute reservations are commonplace and are HotelTonight’s greatest strength.

The San Francisco-based company looks at unsold inventory of hotel rooms and offers them at discounted rates to tourists mainly focused on business and urban areas. The software launched as a same-day booking service, but now allows users to book in advance. HotelTonight also offers accommodations from major hotel chains, such as Sheraton and Hyatt. 


The app helps when booking hostels if that’s where you choose to stay. Besides the traditional features, the platform has an interactive map to help you determine if a hostel is in the right place.


Hipmunk is a free travel planning app. Among its main advantages are a wide range of rooms. From hotels and hostels to private apartments through the Airbnb platform. And an intuitive interface that allows multiple windows to do more than one search at a time. The main drawback is that you can’t book directly through it. But it will be able to redirect you to other platforms.

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