The Homeowner’s Handy Guide to Deck Furniture Covers

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Outdoor furniture usually made of sturdy teak and all-weather wicker, handles weather well. However, being natural materials, they are still affected by moisture, dirt, and temperature changes. Mold and mildew that can damage the furniture also tend to develop in the presence of moisture and warmth. Covers also protect the furniture from dust, dirt, leaves, twigs, debris, garbage, pollen, bird poop, etc. Also, covers prevent birds and small animals from storing food, defecating, and building nests in your furniture. According to GardenGate Magazine, covers also protect your furniture from UV radiation damage. By using patio furniture covers, especially during the long winter months, you can prevent your valuable furniture from getting wet and dirty, and you will have no need for intensive cleaning come summer. However, you can optimize your purchase by taking into some important factors.

Get the Size Right

You cannot get good protection for your deck furniture unless you get the size right. If the cover is too large or too small, it can lead to problems. Covers that are small will not fit properly and will either ride high or tear when you try to put them on. Loose covers will balloon and tend to blow away or let dirt and moisture in. It is important to measure your furniture correctly and buy the appropriate size. Making sure that the covers have ties will help get a better fit.


If you live in a place that receives a lot of rain, hail, or snow, you need to buy waterproof outdoor furniture covers made of synthetic materials like vinyl. However, since these materials do not breathe, the water vapor under the cover will condense and affect your furniture over time and encourage mold formation. If you buy waterproof covers, you must take them off from time to time to air your furniture or buy models that have vents to let the vapor escape. In areas that receive less rain or snow, it can be better to buy water-resistant covers that don’t do as good a job of stopping the furniture from getting wet, but since they are breathable, the furniture can dry faster.

Tie-Downs and Fasteners

You never know when a storm may be brewing. Strong winds may blow off your furniture covers unless you take care to tie them down. It can be helpful to buy covers provided with tie-downs, as well as Velcro fasteners and zippers for a tight fit. Additionally, you can consider placing weights on your furniture to make the covers more stable. The idea is to eliminate as much slack as possible so that the cover is less inclined to fly off.


The best way of taking care of your patio furniture is to remove the cushions and take them indoors before covering your furniture. You must also make it a point to ensure that the furniture is dry before covering it. If they are wet, allow them to air dry, which may take a few days. Covering wooden furniture when wet will encourage mold and rot. If you are stacking the furniture, make sure that the underside is clean.

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