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tyres Southampton
tyres Southampton

If you had the requirement for new automobile summer tyres Southampton, you must have had confusion about which choice to choose. It is hardly odd since, to the naked eye, all tyres seem similar.

Meanwhile, the truth is rather different. Several elements may (and should) affect your choice to purchase tyres. Several of them include how often people drive, where you generally drive, the driving experience, and the sort of vehicle you own. 

In addition to how you generally utilise your automobile daily. It should not come as a shock that there are various tyres for all usage and that individual drivers have unique combinations of replies.


Consider the things that Tyres Southampton warranties do not cover:

Normal fading

Due to the necessary frictional interface and engagement between the tyre and road layer, the rubber combinations used to create tyres will degrade over time. The rate of this deterioration varies in several circumstances. 

The stability of the rubber composition, as well as the tyre performance requirements. How you drive, as well as the number of miles you go. In general, wear does not have any protection by a tyre guarantee since the majority of variables that impact its rate are beyond the manufacturer’s authority.

Maintenance and unintentional damage.

The driver has a significant impact on the performance and longevity of the tyre. If you do not maintain your tyres, they may wear more rapidly, have less traction, and abruptly deteriorate in critical areas. 

If you disregard them and drive recklessly over curbstones or dozing police officers. Or if they are unfortunate enough to collide with an item on the road, they may display symptoms of damage.


Following are the actions you should take:

  • Verify that the issue is not due to regular wear and tear, accidental breakage (your insurance may be able to assist you with this), or inadequate upkeep on the part. If you are content, these factors are irrelevant.
  • Don’t postpone. The sooner an issue is in-reporting, the better. This is because, as time passes, it gets more difficult to assess. Whether an issue is by a defect or by regular wear and tear.
  • Return to where the tyre store is. This also holds if you purchased tyres online; your rights remain the same. The tyre dealer is advisable by law to address your complaint and treat you properly.


Assessing and keeping the tyres for a few minutes assures compliance with the law. Protects you and prolongs their lives. Every substandard tyre incurs three grid penalties and a £2,500 punishment for tread depth below the permitted limit. This implies that having four inferior tyres might result in a licence ban and a £10,000 fine.

And even though the legislation mandates a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm, we recommend a tread depth of 3 mm. Safety experts suggest that you replace your tyres. When the tread reaches 3 millimetres, you will have adequate traction on the road.

Other measures you may take include:

  • Examine the item visually for cuts, protrusions, and other deterioration. Incorporating gravel or nails into the tread.
  • At least once every month, check the tyre pressure and make any necessary adjustments in compliance with the manual and the weight. If the tyre pressure is too insufficient, your vehicle will move more slowly and use more gasoline. If it is excessively high, the core of the tyres will burn out faster.
  • Examine the valve. Dust, grime, and deterioration may result in a gradual leak from the gate, resulting in a decrease in tyre pressure. When you replace the tyres, you should also replace the valves.
  • Always inspect your tyres before an MOT, and if required, replace them.


Typically, a warranty covers a variety of conditions, including:


A road tyre is to function properly for a set amount of kilometres per year, and if it degrades significantly during regular use, the supplier may refund you proportionately.

Road dangers.

Most makers provide coverage for damage caused by road defects such as bumps during the first year or 2/32 inches of wear.


If your tyre fails as a result of inferior materials or execution. The manufacturer is probably going to pay. The term “uniformity” refers to one of the most prevalent craftsmanship flaws. In instances when a non-uniform construction might lead to maximum vibration felt via the steering column or seats.


All major tyre businesses recognise the significance of consumer satisfaction and maintaining their confidence. As a result, they provide tyre warranties that contain a spectrum of damage kinds. 

If you have any inquiries or concerns about the tread life, breakage, or the complexity of your tyres Southampton warranty, please contact us. Manufacturer or store personnel may provide guidance. You might also contemplate purchasing supplemental automobile tyre insurance for more security.