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Summer tyres
Summer tyres

The right tyres can enable your vehicle to deliver better output without showcasing a lack. It is difficult for a car to deliver consistent performance if it does not have the right constituents. 

The several parts of the vehicle include the engine, the brakes, the tyres, windows and so on. All of these parts Summer Tyres Birmingham have some importance that ensures the perfect performance of your vehicle. Without one, the other would falter. 

For example, braking hard will do no good if your tyres cannot function well. The tread of the tyre plays a significant role in traction and grip and how the vehicle responds to pressing the brake. 

As such, it is vital to ensure that your vehicle has the right components, improving the performance of the vehicle. The right set of tyres can enhance the performance of your vehicle. 

Due to weather and climatic conditions, employing the right tyres for your vehicle becomes mandatory. In the tropical climate, it becomes easy to drive your car with one set of tyres. However, the same does not go for other climatic conditions. In torrid or temperature climatic conditions, one must have the right tyres for their vehicle. 

Most commonly, all-season tyres are present in your vehicle. The usage of all-season tyres is universal. In normal to tropical climates, people easily use all-season tyres with no issue. The problem occurs when the temperature drops significantly. In such a situation, one does not have many choices but to succumb to changing their tyres. 

Therefore, to choose the correct set of tyres, always keep the road and surroundings in mind. Doing so will enable you to choose the right set of tyres without any issues. Mainly, winter tyres and Summer Tyres Birmingham might get chosen for this purpose. 

Summer tyres are one of the seasonal tyres and come into use when the temperature rises above seven degrees celsius. 

Using summer tyres involves several benefits and reasons. Here are a few: 

In terms of their shape and type, summer tyres have fewer grooves. Their construction must get done in a way that most of the rubber can come in contact with the road. The tread of summer tyres has different constituents that allow them to grip the road easily. Maximum traction and grip are a guarantee and key deliverable when summer tyres are in the picture. Summer tyres have a shallow tread than other tyres as well. 

Summer tyres are responsive enough to make enough contact with the road. The ability to corner sharp turns is yet another benefit that summer tyres guarantee. When it comes to braking hard, these tyres can do so. Whether it is a hard compound or a bad road, these tyres can break effectively no matter the problem. 

Summer tyres enhance the vehicle’s suspension and handling, allowing better performance and ease in driving. 

Finally, there is a common misconception that summer tyres cannot perform the same way on wet roads. However, the same is a myth. Summer tyres can perform equally well on dry and wet roads. The only factor that remains in such a condition is temperature. Tyres will be able to perform well on both these roads if the temperature is above seven degrees celsius. 


Even though summer tyres can deliver great performance in summers, one cannot use them in winter seasons. As the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius, using summer tyres can become extremely dangerous. 

Summer tyres in low temperatures will not be able to deliver the same performance as they do at high temperatures. Their hard rubber compound will not be able to make contact with the road. Extreme traction and grip are necessary for winter seasons to ensure the safety of the vehicle. 

Alas, summer tyres cannot act on this deliverable due to the amount of hard rubber present in its compound. Whilst winter tyres can produce high-end friction on roads that are full of snow and ice, summer tyres cannot do the same. 

The fuel efficiency of summer tyres that provides a lower rolling resistance cannot prove to be beneficial for cold weather Tyres Leamington Spa conditions. As such, it is extremely dangerous to use summer tyres in winter, and their usage has limitations. 

People decide to use all-season tyres in temperatures that are not extremely hot for the same reason. However, summer tyres have some benefits that are not found in all-season tyres, making them a necessary buy.