The Top 8 Career Options in the UAE for Foreigners

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The United Arab Emirates  (USA) is a well-recognized and greatly prominent nation for jobseekers. Nowadays, where people are looking for jobs from all over the world, there are huge job opportunities in the UAE. People are being invited here for jobs in every field, be it the engineering sector or security. Jobs are available here in every field. But do you know which job sectors are getting the most recognition? If not, then you can get the input of the favorable career jobs. Because people from abroad keep coming to Dubai. It is especially making its mark on the establishment of companies and new employment. Click Here for More Info to Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners.

The number of candidates coming here has been increasing rapidly for the last many years. Behind the Scenes of this, there are assorted highly paying jobs that are compelling by companies or firms.

There are many career options available for foreigners in Dubai. The recruitment process is being done for foreigners in various job sectors. If you also want to work in the UAE, then here we are telling you the top 8 career options for which UAE is more famous. If you have the knowledge or skills related to these job areas, then it is easy for you to get a job in the UAE.

Top recruitment agencies in Dubai for foreigners

In case you are missing out on participating in prime companies then there are many top recruitment agencies in Dubai for foreigners to get jobs. For this, you have to send your resume to these recruitment agencies. After this process, they will contact you based on your job type and vacancies in companies or organizations of your choice. These companies select candidates for mass recruitment. 

If a person is thinking of getting a job in Dubai then he can contact good recruitment agencies. Keep in mind that these companies are verified and recognized by the government.

Presently, the United Arab Emirates is deemed to be a greatly probable region in the globe. So a certain number of visitors are coming to Dubai. It is the mostly outstanding spot for employment and companies.

The Top 8 Career Options In Dubai 

1. Engineering Sector :  

One of the first areas to make a career in Dubai is to count engineers. Engineers are recruited here by many companies. Most petroleum engineers are preferred because most of the companies here are related to oil or gas plants. Therefore, the need for petroleum engineers is high in these companies. 

In this way, we should not forget to count Mechanical & Civil Engineers too. The main reason for civil engineers getting preference is large building contracting and construction companies. If you are eligible to get jobs in engineering fields then the UAE is waiting for you. In case of experience in the engineering sector, anyone can get the chances of recruiting in this field.

2. Accounts, Finance Professional:-

Chief Financial Officers are known for the pay scale in higher posts. Since he is the most trusted strategic advisor of the organization, he is more recognized. The Chief Financial Officer makes his appropriate decisions on matters relating to profits, investments, finance, accounting, and distribution to shareholders. Click Here for More Info to Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners.

The account and share price are transaction information on the controller’s account. It is a prosperous cop finalizing the assignment. So you can master the qualification of Chief Officer. It is quite essential for you which makes you more deserving.

3. Chief Marketing Officer-

Chief marketing officers supervise the commerce processes for association. It also functions towards enhancing the group. Moreover, a chief Marketing Officer applies marketing brand policies to boost the reputation of the brand products or services!

These types of duties are extremely dictating employment. It will not be wrong to say the chief marketing executive has an outstanding paying career in Dubai. For this awesome work profile,  the least credentials is only a college degree in marketing.

Also if a candidate has familiarity in this profession then it will be extremely effective.  Hence, it will be effortless for candidates to get an employment.

4. Human Resources 

Human resource professionals manage an organization’s human capital and play a key role in implementing policies and procedures. They mainly carry out the recruitment process. It also includes management staff within organizations. The company also benefits through HR for other important functions.

In Dubai, Human Resource Management Specialists are earning a lot as they do a very important job for the organization. The candidate for this position should have experience in Human Resource Management and should be highly qualified apart from specializing in Human resources and experience in well-recognized organizations which can earn huge amounts of money.

5. I T Managers –

IT Managers are most needed in Dubai. Many IT companies have camped in Dubai as it moves towards complete digitization. Therefore, well-known companies in the country and abroad provide management services for business solutions. For this reason, recruitments are taking place for the posts of IT Manager. These vacancies have been found in various work areas. So if you want to do a job related to the IT sector then this career line is best.

Mainly you should have passed many years working in the IT field i.e. you should have a good experience. If yes, then the IT sector of Dubai is welcoming you. 

6. Seller:-

A retail company’s purchase planning/head of sales head is important in making buying decisions that may affect the retailer’s brand or image.

So for that reason, it is very essential that the individual holding this role has adequate proficiency in all the trends and variations related to the customer market. Along with this, he should also be conscious of all the data associated to new industries.

It is mandatory that the candidate should have a valid degree in Marketing and Business Management. Along with this, it is also crucial to have understanding of business and retail management. Requirements include making your way to a career on the shop floor and becoming a buyer.

7. Medics-

There are varieties of high-end doctors such as specialist neurologists, vascular surgeons, and child psychiatrists/psychologists; The heads of the obstetrics and gynecology departments have been demanded. Click Here for More Info to Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners.

Highly qualified and experienced individuals from world-renowned universities and medical colleges. Extensive training is required for this position. All you need is some years of experience to fill the criteria for a consultant. Most often are Ph.D./Doctorate holders.

8. Technical Education-

Administrative roles can offer higher salaries depending on qualifications and experience. If someone is skilled in educating accordingly, there exists a certain number of jobs accessible in the United Arab Emirates.  But the teacher should be experienced in an explicit subject. As well as it is superior to be elected in academies, colleges etc. Master and Ph.D. It is better to have a bachelor’s degree for good opportunities in this field.


Dubai has become a prominent place as a job provider for all the people. Recruitment is already accomplished on an enormous ranking in each area. This is the reason why candidates stay here to get their desired job. Mainly it is easy to get good-paying jobs only in Dubai.

So if you want high-paying jobs then Dubai will remain the city of your dreams. Here you are likely to get the job of your choice and you are also getting the opportunity to work abroad. Click Here for More Info to Top Recruitment Agencies in Dubai for Foreigners.