The True Future of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a breakthrough discipline of computer science that is poised to become a key component of several future technologies such as big data, robots, and the Internet of Things (IoT). In the next few years, it will continue to be a technical trailblazer. AI has gone from science fiction to reality in a few years. Machines that assist people with intelligence may be found in the real world as well as in science fiction films. We now live in a world of Artificial Intelligence, which was only a story a few years ago.

Whether consciously or unknowingly, we utilise AI technology in our daily lives, and it has been ingrained in our culture. From Alexa/Siri to Chatbots, everyone employs AI in their daily life. The advancement and development of this technology are moving at a dizzying pace. It was not, however, as simple and uncomplicated as it appeared to us.

Bring Artificial Intelligence to this stage, took several years, as well as a lot of hard work and contributions from a range of people. Because Artificial Intelligence is such a revolutionary technology, many worries about its future and impact on humans have arisen. For example Lot of Technical People Have started Learning AI as well as Machine Learning Certification understanding the Dominance in the current industry Trend. It’s dangerous, but it’s also an incredible opportunity.  Both defensive and offensive cyber operations will benefit from Artificial Intelligence. New cyber-attack tactics will also be developed to take advantage of AI technology’s particular flaws.

How AI is Going to Change the Future?


Take a peek at what AI has in store for the future, according to USC academics.

All Human Occupations Will be Replaced

It’s undeniable that the rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation has the potential to profoundly disrupt labor – and is already doing so in many cases. However, viewing this as a simple transfer of labor from humans to machines is greatly exaggerated.

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AI has ushered in a revolution in industries across the board, and people are concerned that as AI advances, they will lose their jobs. In actuality, Artificial Intelligence has increased the number of jobs and possibilities available to humans in every industry. Every machine needs the presence of a human operator. However, while Artificial Intelligence has taken over certain occupations, it has also increased the number of employment available to individuals.

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t  Need Human Interaction

People also believe that AI does not require human interaction. However, Artificial Intelligence has not yet progressed to the point where it can make decisions on its own. To pre-process the data, construct the models, prepare a training dataset, identify and minimize bias and variance, etc., a machine learning engineer/specialist is necessary. Every AI model is still reliant on people. However, once the model is ready, it learns from its mistakes and improves its performance on its own.

To Ensure Data Protection

Cyber security is unquestionably a top responsibility for any firm. The following are some predictions about how cyber security will alter as a result of AI:

  • Security issues will be tracked using Artificial Intelligence techniques.
  • RPA bots are used to automate rule-based operations and procedures reliant on automated and autonomous technologies.


Artificial Intelligence has made it easier for job searchers and employers to find work in today’s world. In the job market, AI is already being employed with stringent regulations and algorithms that automatically reject an employee’s résumé if it does not meet the company’s requirements. Most AI-enabled apps, spanning from grading written interviews to telephonic rounds, are expected to dominate the job process in the future.

Tasks That Are Essential

AI aides will help the elderly stay independent and live in their own homes for longer periods of time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will guarantee that nutritious food is constantly available, that commodities on high shelves are reached safely, and that activity in a senior’s home is monitored. Mowing lawns, cleaning windows, and assisting with bathing and hygiene are all possibilities for the machines. Many more repetitive and manual jobs might benefit greatly from AI-based solutions. AI-assisted labor may be much more important in dangerous occupations like mining, firefighting, mine clearing, and handling radioactive materials.

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Why would you want to take medicine that is good for everyone when you could have it tailored to your individual genome? Thanks to AI algorithms, doctors and hospitals will be able to better analyze data. Personalize health care to each patient’s genes, environment, and lifestyle. From detecting brain tumors to choosing which cancer medication is optimal for each individual, Artificial Intelligence will drive the personalized medicine revolution.

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