Things to Consider Before Hiring an Office 365 Migration Consultant

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Office 365 Migration

Cloud infrastructure has singlehandedly changed the way businesses work, collaborate, and share. Microsoft Office 365 can offer the benefits of the cloud to your business. With more organizations shifting to the cloud, you will have to consider your options. In this article, you’ll learn how Office 365 can benefit your business and things you’ll have to consider before picking an Office 365 consultant.

How Microsoft Office 365 can benefit your business

Allows easy collaboration

Office 365 makes collaborating easy with its various cloud-based applications, such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Office online, etc. These applications facilitate real-time collaboration within and between organizations.

Accessible from anywhere and everywhere

Hybrid workplaces benefit from Office 365 more than traditional workplaces that have all their employees on one floor. The platform’s cloud-based tools allow everyone to access any data remotely, irrespective of the device in use.

Communication tools included

Tools like Outlook and Teams facilitate communication with zero compromises on security. The tools are heavily integrated with other applications in the platform and make meetings, emails, and sharing files easy.

Top-notch security

Data security is crucial for all businesses, especially for companies that are new to the cloud. Office 365 takes all your worries away. Microsoft follows the SDL security assurance process while developing and deploying the various Office 365 services.

Guaranteed to be online

Even an hour of downtime can be detrimental to a company’s growth, especially if it’s dependent on the internet. With Office 365, you can rest assured that your company’s cloud infrastructure will always stay up. Microsoft ensures a 99.9% scheduled uptime and very few disruptions.

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

An Office 365 migration consultant can use their expertise in the subject matter to provide your company with Office 365 migration services. Consulting services usually cover the following aspects:

  • Auditing
  • Best practices
  • Compliance
  • Content Management
  • Information Architecture
  • Migration
  • Security

Every company needs a partner to share its expertise and help grow and develop. Office 365 migration services can help make your move to Office 365 seamless and easy.

Things to consider before hiring a migration consultant

The depth of understanding

A poorly-executed Office 365 migration can ruin your business. It can lead to downtime, data loss, errors, partial migration, and even a messed-up migration. This is why choosing a migration consultant with a good understanding of the Office 365 migration process is important.

The consultant should be aware of both the technical, business and social sides of Office 365. There could be extended requirements such as data migration, email migration services required during the project. Only with such a diverse understanding Office 365 migration services can help your company make the most out of the platform and services.

Understanding the ecosystem

Your Office 365 migration consultant should understand the complete ecosystem to provide the best value. Some companies offer add-on software and tools for Office 365. These software and tools help improve the user experience by adding extra features and functionality to Office 365.

Only when a consultant is completely aware of the ecosystem surrounding Office 365 can they find you the perfect solution. The migration service will have to understand your needs so that they can provide you with the proper add-ons to make your life easier.

Do you have the knowledge in-house?

Is your company large enough to set resources aside to carry out the migration in-house? Do you have the required talent and knowledge? If you do, hiring a third party to migrate you will be a pointless waste of money.

You could easily put a team together and hire a project manager to migrate instead of hiring a consultant. This way, you will have an in-house team that can respond to any Office 365 migration-related emergencies. But if your core competency isn’t suitable to carry out such a feat, hiring an Office 365 migration consultant might be the best thing to do.

Do you have spare time?

You cannot hire a consultant without setting proper timelines firsthand. You will have to come up with clear objectives for the migration process before you look for a migration consultant. Or else you will be wasting precious resources and money on the migration process. Simply put, the deadline is what adds a sense of urgency to the project.

Setting objectives and deadlines will require a healthy chunk of your time and knowledge of the migration process. This will require you to

Can you risk it?

Risk is part of every process, and you must learn to handle or mitigate it. If you are unsure that your in-house talent doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and experience to mitigate risks related to Office 365 migration, it is best to hire an office 365 consultant. A consultant can decrease the risk of unexpected problems and unknown errors arising during the upgrade by offering office 365 migration support when needed.


Hiring an office 365 migration consultant will come with all the advantages and disadvantages of hiring any other consultant. In exchange for your money, you will get expertise, a third-party perspective, overhead cost savings, etc. On the other hand, consultants can be expensive, hard to find, and do not come with guarantees. Since this is not a one size fits all scenario, weigh your options before deciding.