Tips to disassemble and transport the wardrobe during a move

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The success of your move depends on how well you disassemble and transport your wardrobe. It is not easy to coordinate these tasks to meet individual commitments, times, and efforts. This is especially important if you plan to transport the furniture to a new place.

As you can see, furniture is often heavy and bulky. It is even more difficult to transport without the right tools and equipment.

It is important to contact a professional Residential Moving company that has hydraulic ladders and platforms to facilitate the transfer of the floor from the van to the bedroom.


Decide what you want to transfer or toss away

This is the first step that you should suggest to anyone who needs a plan for disassembling and transferring cabinets from one place to the next.

Indicate which items should be thrown out. This is a crucial step in any move. It can help save you a lot of time and the work of those who assist you.

If you have decided to move, the spaces may be different. Perhaps the house has smaller rooms or more functional areas. To streamline your phases, avoid unnecessary operations. Instead, organize furniture removal according to your needs.


In advance, the dismantling work starts

Are you sure that you have already identified the key points for each step of the move? This will allow you to create a strategic plan of activities. Plan for the cabinet removal operation when you fill out your checklist. What should you start with?

Also, you can eliminate those not required in daily management. You can start operations by removing furniture from the attic or basement. You may also be interested to know How To Ship Furniture Across Canada?

This solution allows you to store your disassembled wardrobes together with the items you don’t want at home in a safe, spacious area so you can continue with the rest of the house when it is ready. You can also store your goods in the self-storage taxi box and have them delivered to you at your home.


Pack everything

Make sure that you have everything necessary to secure your furniture pieces before you begin the disassembly. You will need to purchase bubble wrap, styrofoam sheets, and foam rubber. Also, soft material chips to cushion shocks are required.

You must also remember the cardboard boxes to package. They should be adequate in size with two waves and Kraft coating for better resistance.


Assemble cabinets like a pro

Next, begin to disassemble any elements that are easy to separate such as doors and internal shelves. After you have packed the pieces, especially if they’re made of glass, you can begin disassembling structural elements.Keep the necessary tools close at hand.

  • Phillips and slotted screwdrivers.
  • The electric screwdriver.
  • Rubber hammers.
  • Use scissors and cutters.

This requires special skills. Particular care should be paid to packaging. Only use what is necessary to avoid damaging the surfaces. If fragile pieces are present, mark the cardboard with the name of the furniture and the room in which it should be left.


Assess the need for platforms and hydraulic ladders

How do you move furniture? It’s easy, just transport it in the van. The problem is not so bad if you are on the ground floor. willing to help can help you. What happens if you need to lift heavy boxes and wooden cabinet doors from the fifth story? To transport these items safely, you will need hydraulic ladders or elevators.


Pick the van that best suits your needs

If you don’t want to make a disaster move, you should avoid renting a vehicle that is not capable of fulfilling your needs.

You might find it too small or not big enough to hold all the packaging and packages you carefully packed. You don’t only need to assess the volume, but also the ease with which bulky packages are arranged.

A van that can arrange all the pieces safely and efficiently will allow you to move quickly while trying to minimize damage.