Tips To Emcee an Event

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Before learning to be one, how would you define a Virtual emcee? What comes to your mind when you think of an emcee? You probably pictured a person with a mic in his hand and engaging with the audience with a calmness and sweet smile on his face. In other words, an emcee is the storyteller of the event. They connect presenters and performers to the event’s importance without taking center stage.

Emceeing an event can be accomplished by anyone with leadership skills and confidence. But trust me, this isn’t enough. You might fail. So here, we will cover it all.


Event research 

  1. Conduct Meetings: During your meeting with the planners, you should review all the information that will be presented. It is not uncommon for them to also act as emcees.
  2. Engaging performance 

Meet each presenter or performer personally. If there is anything special they require in their introduction, let them know. Obtain their full name so you can pronounce them easily.

  1. Research for Virtual Emcee: Make sure you do your research on each individual or group you plan to introduce. Consider visiting their website, listening to their music, reading their blog, or asking for their resume. A good interviewer can talk about people in depth and spontaneously.
  2. Check and eliminate: If there are any sensitive topics or topics that shouldn’t be discussed during this event. Staying on tone during your presentation will be easier if you understand the event’s details.
  3. Identify the theme of your occasion. Having a theme will improve the cohesiveness of your introductions and make your event more cohesive.


Getting ready for the performance day

  1. It is a good idea to arrive at the venue several hours in advance:

To become comfortable with the layout, learn the layout and practice. You will need time. Because you will be representing the event, this should feel like your home for a while.

  1. Perform a stage check in advance with the microphone, lighting, and other audio/visual aids (AV):

Troubleshoot any problems if they occur with the help of an AV person.

  1. Meet and greet the event staff:

This includes both the venue staff and the organizers. In case of a problem, they will be there to help you. 

  1. Find out how to contact an emergency service:

When the show is underway, you may be considered “the boss,” and you must direct people on how to exit.

  1. Prior to the event and on the actual day, review the order in which the presenters or performers will appear:

You will need to adjust the schedule or fill in the void when someone fails to show up. List the presenters in order of appearance.

  1. Put on your best clothes: 

Identify your attire before the event begins. You may wear formal, semi-formal, or business casual. Having a professional appearance, looking well-groomed, and being poised are fundamental requirements for a Virtual emcee.


Launching an event 

  1. You should call the event to order:

Getting people’s attention is imperative if you’re in a noisy environment. This can be accomplished by making a carefully rehearsed shout, clinking glasses, or shouting, “Give me a thumbs up if you can hear me.”

  1. A warm welcome to the audience:

Set a friendly tone and be sincere. What is our purpose? How do we all fit together?

  1. You should introduce yourself:

Start by sharing a quick, funny story to set the tone.

  1. Give an overview of the event’s organizers:

Gratitude should be extended to all those who assisted with the event. Thanking big donors now is a good time if the event producers wish to identify them. 

  1. Try smiling:

Keeping a smile on your face during the presentation and the entire event is vital.

Concluding an event

Your responsibility will be to keep the event under control until the last performance. Plan your timing ahead if you need water or a bathroom break. Moreover, to keep track of the time during the event. You should find out ahead of time whether there are any things you can cut if something goes wrong. For filler, you can share a short story.

Bring some enthusiasm to your grand finale:

Be sure to emphasize the importance of a raffle, auction, or presentation item. Quite often, people take cues from your mood after sitting for a while. Thanks to everyone who attended. Once again, thank the organizers, presenters, and staff. Finally, in a promotion or other event, you can tell people what they can do to participate in the upcoming event.