To Swim? Secrets Of The Advantages

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In swimming, breathing plays an important role of the athlete. Regardless of the state of health and physical fitness, people can hardly swim a greater distance without a supply of oxygen. A simple way to solve this problem – a special breathing tube, but an adult, let alone in the pool with the “accessory” simply laughed. to swim? First you need to learn how to breathe properly in the water. To do this, there are a few simple exercises with lifeguard class.

Hold your breath and lower face in the water. Be calm, stay in one place. Then slowly make two strokes while the second stroke begins to slowly exhale. Finish exhaling must be already above the water at the end of the second stroke, raising the head. Then inhale and repeat the exercise again.
The second exercise is most often used for swimming training of children. Inhale air and completely immersed in water, the knees must grasp the hands and slowly count to 15, then rise to the surface.
We lean over the water so that his mouth was at the surface of the water, inhale splash it on the face, slowly exhale the air into the water, raise your head and repeat the exercise.
to swim? To swim fast and longer distances it is necessary to follow the rhythm of breathing. The movements of the hands must match. Exhale slowly you need, and inhale on the contrary – fast. Remember, the slower you exhale and inhale less, move faster.

Copper – one of the fastest ways of swimming. When the technique is right the swimmer can travel long distances quickly. It is amazing that this technique the swimmer produces practically no noise, and most importantly – a person can swim both in clothes, and with any load, for example, a man drowned. to swim? Stroke that style can be divided into several parts, without which you are not allowed to swim;

  • Correct leg movements.
  • Rightward movements.
  • Coordination of hands and feet.


to swim? To learn to swim breaststroke, you must first master the kicking movements (pull-up, movement, pause). Pulling – initial movement, helping to reduce the water resistance. How further movements and speed depend on this initial movement. Observe operation action after pulled up – movement. It is necessary to do very strongly, as it increases the speed of the swimmer. And the last action – slip, then there is a pause, during which at minimum activity and high speed you keep moving. Then you have to learn the right hand movements and learn to combine them with the feet. And, of course, the most important thing – breath. With proper breathing, learning to swim in pairs with the professionals is not difficult.

Swim butterfly?

This type of diving is the most difficult and tedious. First, this style of swimming showed Jimmy Higgins at the Olympics. Then, after the games, it spread around the world. It is believed that swimming with this contributes to weight loss, because at the time it consumes enormous amounts of energy, not only exercising the muscles that navigate other styles remain at rest. That is, the health benefits – it is undeniable.

Trainers argue that the best still do not use a style of swimming all the time, and swim in different ways. This not only strengthens different muscles of your body, but also gives the skin elasticity, helps to lose weight and solve some health problems, especially – problems with the spine and other parts of the body, between the joints.

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