Top 15 Things You Can Do To Make Your PC Faster

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Make Your PC Faster

Hey Viewers, Today we will learn about the top 15 things you can do if your pc is slow. If you are like, who doesn’t pay much attention to his computer, and it’s too slow for you to use it. Don’t worry, I am here to help you out and make your pc as fast as it used to be the day you bought it. Slow pc can be very annoying, and if you use your computer almost daily, I can think how frustrated you are with it. So let’s begin.

Disable Startup Programs

Startup programs are those programs that turn on. Whenever you start your pc and it can result in your pc getting slow. Usually, when you install a new program or software on your pc, That program gets into your startup settings, and then whenever you start your pc, it starts as well. Developers do this to decrease the loading time of that program. Because it is running in the background and when you click on it, it opens quickly. But we want a faster pc, right??

So, to disable, just right-click on the empty area of your taskbar and open “Task Manager”. On the task manager, click the start-up tab. And then simply disable all the software except your Avast antivirus software, any Driver software, and your audio manager. And then restart your pc. Done? Now you will feel a noticeable difference in your PC’s performance.

Delete Temporary Files.

Temporary files are those files that automatically create themselves in your pc temporary folders, and they are almost useless just sitting there and making your pc slow. You should delete them almost every month because they keep building up and slows down your pc. So let’s delete them.

First, right-click on your start menu icon and click run. When it opens, type “temp” and enter. A folder will open, press Ctrl + A to select them, and then Shift + Delete to delete them. Done? Now again, open run using the same method but this time type “%temp%”. A folder will open again with more temporary files, just select them all and delete them using the same process, a warning will appear. Just ignore it, they are only temporary files. Delete them. Done? Again, open run, but this time type “prefetch”, select them all, and delete them. Again, a warning will appear saying it’s a windows folder and you can access it, just click continue and delete them. Now you will see a noticeable difference in your PC’s overall speed.

Change Power Options

Power options on a computer play an important part in your PC’s performance. If you have a slow PC, you might have to change the power plan of your PC. If you have a laptop, then it’s up to you. If you want more battery timing, then don’t change the power options. But if you don’t care about your battery timing or you own a desktop computer, you have to change power options to boost the performance of your PC. To change the power option, just search “power plan” and select the option that says “Choose a Power Plan”. A dialog box will open, just check “High Performance” and done.

If you want that extra performance (Recommended only for Desktops), open run as administrator and type in the following command “powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61” and wait for this “Power Scheme GUID: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX(Ultimate Performance)” message to appear. This command will make an Ultimate Power Plan option in your power plan settings. To select this, just go to the power option using the above method and select “Ultimate Performance” and done.

Remove Unnecessary Features

If you are using Windows 10, you might know that windows 10 has a lot of unnecessary features, like Email, printing services, Skype, etc, and they use a lot of your resources because they keep running in the background. So, to remove these unnecessary features of Windows 10, Simply press right-click on your start menu and select settings, then select Apps, and then apps and features. There would be many features that you don’t use, just select them and uninstall them.

(Note: some features will not allow you to uninstall them, just ignore them).

Clean Your Registry

When you install any software, it creates a registry of its settings or any important things, so when you install that software, the registry that software created for itself stays there, just sitting there, useless, clogging up your PC, and just consuming resources. So we remove them, there are two methods to do it, one is manually and the other is using a software called “Ccleaner”. Don’t try doing it manually unless you are a professional and know what you are doing. Install Ccleaner from this link and run it. Click registry on the left-side panel, and select “Scan for issues”, it will automatically search your registry for issues and will give you result. All you have to is select all of them and click “Review Selected Issues”. It will ask you to create a backup, click yes and create the backup, then click “Fix All”.

Defrag And Clean Your Hard Drive

If you own a computer, you must clean and defrag your hard drive almost every month or two to maintain your computer performance. To clean your hard drive, go to “This PC” and select your main drive. Right-click on it and select properties. Under the “General” tab, select “disk Clean-Up”, it will scan your hard drive and will show you a list of files. Select all of them and click ok and then select “delete all”. It will clean your hard drive.

Now, to defrag your hard drive. Again, go to the property of your main drive, this time, select the “Tools tab”. Under the “Tools” tab, select “Optimize”. It will open another dialog box. Click “Optimize” again to start the defragmentation process. Done. Now your hard Drives are clean and your pc will be fast.

Disable Window Animations

Your PC may be slow due to windows animation. If you are a Windows 10 user, you might know that windows 10 is full of animations and different effects. So today we’re going to remove those animations. To remove them, just right-click on your “This PC” and select properties. Settings will open. Select “Additional system settings” on the right side. A dialog box will open. Under “performance” click settings and check “Adjust for best performance”. And click Apply. After that, your PC may look different, but it will be fast.

Close Useless Tabs

Some people have a habit of just opening several tabs when browsing the internet. If you are using a browser and your PC is working slow, You might wanna close those tabs, which you are not using because each tab you open in your browser is eating up your resources and slowing your pc down.

Delete Bigger And Unnecessary Files

If your pc is still slow, you might wanna remove bigger and unnecessary files that you no longer use. They are consuming your resources and Causing your PC to slow down. To do this, search “Control Panel” and open it, select “Uninstall a program” and uninstall those programs that you no longer use.

Scan For Viruses

After performing all these steps, your PC is still slow – this can be due to viruses or malware on your PC. To remove them, install any AntiVirus Software and run a full scan on your PC for viruses. It will automatically detect and Quarantine those viruses so that they can not affect your PC further. You can check quarantine items later to act against them. If you want to check the 10 best AntiVirus software, click here.

Update Your Windows

Even after performing a scan for viruses and malicious software, your PC is still slow. This can be due to outdated windows. Windows Update includes security updates for your PC, which can make your PC work faster. Keep your windows updated to maintain their performance. To check for updates, go to Settings, “Update and recovery”, and then “click Check for update”. It will automatically check for updates and alert you if updates are available. Just install them, your PC will perform much faster than before.

Shut Down And Restart

Even after installing the latest security and feature update, your PC is still slow. Try shutting it down and restarting it. For some of the above steps to show the result, you have to restart your pc, and restarting your PC may help in restoring the performance of your PC.

Clean Your PC Physically

If after restarting, your pc is still slow. This may be due to all the dust that builds up in your computer after all these years. You might have to open your computer and clean it. If you are a professional and know what you are doing, then you can do it yourself, but if you don’t, then just take your computer to any computer repair shop. They will clean your PC for you. Well, in the cleaning process, they will remove any dust that is in there, remove the ram, the CPU cooler, and other things, clean them and install them back into your PC

Upgrade Your RAM

Well, if you have performed all the steps that I have mentioned above, then there is one other thing you can do and that is upgrading your RAM. RAM plays an important role in boosting your PC performance and some computers have a very little amount of RAM. Upgrading it might help in improving your performance.

Replace Your Computer

If you have tried all the steps that I have mentioned above and your PC is still not fast as it used to be the day you bought it. That I would say that it’s time to just sell your PC and buy a new one with the latest things. There is no other option than just replacing your old PC. Well, if you are going to buy a new PC, You might wanna check out things you should check before buying a PC.


If you have a PC, whether it’s a Desktop or Laptop, and it’s getting slow, this article is for you. I have listed the top 15 things you can do to make your pc as fast as it was the day you bought it. These things are well-tested methods that will improve your PC’s performance drastically. If you are like me, who doesn’t pay much attention to your PC, then you should perform these steps to improve its overall performance. for more details visit my website.