Top 3 Trade Shows in the World

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Over the years, trade shows and exhibition fairs have increased in popularity as personal businesses have become better established. Trade shows and fairs are a great time for people of different companies to gather to display their goods, services, and products as an effective marketing event. These shows can range in size, largely depending on the industry they are exhibiting, but they can be found all over the world – no matter the size. From small trade fairs to include the local business community, to worldwide and massive venue shows to display large industrial trades and businesses, these events tend to be a hit no matter what their demographics are. When looking towards the grandest and most extravagant top trade shows in the world, there are three shows that surpass the rest due to the size and attendance that they receive when they are hosted.

World Expo – Japan

Every five years, people get to see the most extravagant trade show extravaganza in the world. This international event features companies, business, and trades from all over the world. It is the largest gathering of these industries that is found anywhere in the world. This particular event allows you access to seeing and trading with other nations and potentially building connections across country borders. The entire event lasts for 6 months because of how big it is! The World Expo also sees close to 30 million people every time it is put on! You can witness the amazing custom trade show displays that are found from many nations of the world and be prepared to meet some of the best, and most famous, business men and women out there.

Expoalimentaria – PerĂº

Aside from products and services, some of the largest trade show events revolve around the international food and drink industry. One of the biggest international food and beverage shows is found in South America – Lima, Peru. The international food industry is a huge industry so it makes sense that the expos would be equally as large. Those who work in these particular businesses can attend this expo to gain insights on food distributors and make international relationships. Business platform operation specialists will be in attendance as well and can provide valuable information for those who wish to attend. These shows, in particular, are fun to attend because there is usually an array of amazing samples that are provided as a part of their business display and booth.

Global Seafood Marketplace – Spain

Going along with the theme of food, the Global Seafood Marketplace in Spain is the largest seafood expo in the world. This tradeshow is truly unique to its industry and usually proves to have exciting themes and booths to really entice all those who visit this expo. There are well over 2,000 businesses that choose to display at this show to get the ultimate exposure to other nations while being able to promote their international foods. Many countries gather for this historic marketplace and visitors have an amazing time exhibiting and participating in this world-wide event.

Amazing Business Opportunities

When one of these historic places hosts a huge trade show, it is an amazing opportunity to get to meet other people from around the world that are involved in your same industry. Importers and exporters have the chance to mingle and new business relationships have the chance to form under these kinds of circumstances. Attending the top trade shows around the world can give you the opportunity to rub shoulders with people you have never been able to meet. So make sure you take advantage of all these top world trade shows have to offer you and your business.