Top 5 Ways to Set up Your Rental Apartment like your Own

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There’s no denying that setting up a rental apartment sounds extremely exhausting since it’s not your possession. So, setting it according to your taste and preference overwhelms you. However, it’s imperative to put your stamp anywhere that you live. 

With a few tweaks here and there, you might be glad to know that decorating apartments for rent in Dubai or elsewhere is no longer a hassle. It’s because regardless of how many occupants have lived there before you or how many will come after you, for now, it’s yours, and you need to showcase your style in every nook and cranny.

So, without delaying any longer, let’s delve into the grim details of organizing your new apartment according to your preferences. 

  • Change the Hardware 

Changing your bedroom’s hardware is an easy way to make a big difference. But the change isn’t confined to your bedroom; you can also opt for other areas of the house, including restrooms and the kitchen. You can alter the doorknobs and switch plates if the existing ones disturb your style. Although it appears like a minimal change, hardware helps set up the tone of an area. After all, replacing something worn-out with a newer alternative makes a huge difference.

  • Fix the lighting 

Many rental apartments arrive with standard lighting, but making the fixtures is your call. You can either opt for a fancy lighting option or keep it the old-school way. Among other areas, lighting in the living room is quite important, so these must be switched out when you move in. Replace them with something bright and stylish that aligns with the overall décor. However, ensure to notify the landlord about these changes. 

  • Remove mini blinds

Nothing screams more like “the apartment is rented” than the white blinds hanging over the windows. And often, they’re stingy and have a few dents too. If you happen to move into a place with them, take them down ASAP and cover the windows with curtains or fancy blinds. Since they are great for concealing dirty and cracked windows, you need to consider the design seriously.

  • Use removable wallpaper 

Peel and stick wallpapers are among the greatest inventions of the modern décor world. Unlike traditional wallpapers, peel and stick are removable. So, go wild with the latest designs for the entrance, a subtle one for the living room, and darker tones for the bedrooms. There are endless possibilities to décor your home with wallpapers, so you can select from a wide range. 

  • Cover the Walls

Home interior designers often consider empty walls as a lost opportunity. It’s because art helps express your personality vibrantly, and also, it has a significant impact on a space. In this regard, hanging art makes a feasible option without needing you to dig nails into the walls. In some cases, the landlords don’t allow nailing the wall, so you can also try sticking the adhesive picture hooks. 

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to décor a rented apartment your way. You have to identify the loopholes and fill them to your taste. However, keeping your landlord posted is imperative to avoid any conflicts or mishaps. Ultimately, it’s you enjoying the property you’ve set up with utmost love and compassion.