Top 5 Webinar Tools and Equipment You Need in 2022

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Let us start with the basics of the webinar- Webinars are seminars that are conducted over the internet. With the development of technology and the greater reach of the internet, webinars have emerged as the most powerful weapon for marketing, educating, sharing knowledge, and generating leads. Webinars are not only fun, interactive, and engaging sessions, but are an advanced, convenient, and effective way to get your point across. To do all these things you need a powerful tool. Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the top 5 webinar tools and equipment you need in 2022. So let us dive deep into the blog

Top 5 webinar hosting Platforms:

  • 1. Mixhubb:

Mixhubb is one of the leading webinar tools, ideal for webinars and online events for the business of all scales. It offers an immersive experience that replicates the in-person experience and boosts networking.

 Mixhubb Features

  • Mixhubb is a self-manageable event webinar platform, allowing users to plan, design, and manage the complete webinar by themselves. 
  • It is a customizable online platform where you can customize nearly everything according to your requirement. You can also create custom landing and registration pages, and customize the virtual lobby, and content of the webinar.
  • Mixhubb offers you a 3D user interface that successfully brings your audiences closer to reality.
  • Moreover, Mixhubb is a browser-based online platform. Along with this, it can be accessed from any device like laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. 
  • Attendees can register for a webinar from their desired social media accounts.
  • Mixhubb provides several dynamic features like screen sharing, recording, bringing anyone on stage, virtual whiteboard, Raise a hand, virtual whiteboard, handouts, etc. 
  •  Mixhubb provides limitless branding opportunities throughout the life cycle of the webinar.
  • To encourage networking this easy-to-use webinar platform offers top-notch features like Networking Tables, AI Matchmaking, and two-way video conferencing. Moreover, it is stacked with several engagement features like chat, polls, Q&As, votes, live comments, etc.
  • Furthermore, its powerful data analytics feature enables the organizer to have a detailed analysis of the webinar. 
  1. 2. Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is one of the most affordable webinar platforms. It lets users experience the best quality audio and video quality features during webinars and online meetings. Moreover, Zoho Meeting elevates your remote collaboration experience with its several dynamic features. 

Zoho Meeting Features

  • Zoho Meeting offers a user-friendly setup, where users can create webinars in no time.
  • This browser-based platform is fully loaded with several interactive and engaging features like polls, chats, and Q&A sessions.
  • Other features of Zoho Meeting include screen sharing, raising a hand, data analytics, recording, and an electronic whiteboard.
  1. 3. On24:

This browser-based platform is best suitable for those businesses who want to deliver marketing and sales-related webinars. On24 assists organizers with several features to qualify sales leads.

Features of On24

  • On24 Webcast Elite lets you deliver live, simulive, or on-demand webinars that captivate attendees with its several interactive, engagement, and conversion features.
  • Its fully customizable console lets users modify the online platform according to their brand’s requirements.
  • On24’s speech-to-text technology automatically generates captions for attendees in more than 50 languages.
  1. Zoom:

Zoom is one of the most popular webinar software. Audiences all around the world can join the webinar directly from their desired browsers. Zoom is a very easy-to-use software that comes with several interactive and engaging features.

Features of Zoom

  • Zoom allows users to live stream on various social media platforms to connect with a wider section of audiences.
  • Furthermore, Zoom offers features like live chat, raise a hand, Q&As, polling, and survey.
  • To track the level of attendees’ engagement, this software provides webinar reports 
  • Zoom also lets users create custom registration pages to drive more registration.
  1. GoToWebinar:

GoToWebinar is another known tool for hosting immersive and engaging webinars. Moreover, GoToWebinar offers a simple setup to host webinars in a few clicks. 

Features of GoToWebinar

  • GoToWebinar offers enterprise-grade security to host safe webinars and keep the data transmitted securely.
  • Furthermore, up to 3,000 attendees can join the webinar directly from their browsers.
  • GoToWebinar seamlessly integrates with the CRM that assists the organizers in finding sales leads.
  • More notable features of GoToWebinar include screen and web cameras sharing, recording, chats, polls, and drawing on the screen

Now that you know the top 5 online platforms where you can host webinars, let us move ahead in the blog and see the equipment that is necessary for a webinar.

Audio tools for the webinar:

Not to mention the sound is the most critical element of the webinar. Attendees lose interest if sound drops or lags. The quality of sound should be premium. To offer the best quality sound to your attendees you need to have a top quality headphones with or without the headset 

Video equipment for the webinar:

Video equipment is another important necessary element of the webinar. As an organizer, you can leverage the recording of your webinar sessions and enhance your webinar life by sharing its recording on different online platforms. Therefore, you are required to opt for the platform that offers you the best HD quality video and recording. To make a high-resolution video you need to have a webcam that is compatible with every browser and operating system. 

Image editing tools:

It is another necessary piece of equipment where you can invest. Image editor tools are required during the webinar to insert, edit, and crop the images to be shown. To make a custom registration and landing page this tool is very helpful. In preparing the presentation you can also make use of this tool.

Automated email invites and marketing tools:

Email invites and reminder notifications are the requirements of the webinar. Using a top webinar platform can help you with this, as it offers features that automatically send email invites, confirmation emails, and reminders to the community. Along with this, the best software also integrates with the marketing application that takes care of your marketing requirement.

So while choosing your next webinar software, select only the best affordable platform that offers you all the necessary features that are required for hosting a fruitful webinar. Moreover, you can select one of these top webinar tools for your upcoming webinars.