Top 9 PC games of the early 2000’s

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Hey guys, there’s a big scandal here and today we’re going to be covering not the top 5 because there are just too many great early 2000s PC games, but the top 9 PC games from this era and the era that I’m looking for, like 2000 to 2005. Therefore, I can’t include things like Age of Empires 2, which was an incredible game, because, by my definition, it’s outside of that range, having been released in 1999. like pacman 30th anniversary.

Now I don’t have any fancy graphics for 9 to 10 because, unfortunately, they’re just very hard to find online,

1: Commandos to Men of Courage

so you’re going to have Patrick Starr bridging Number 1 Commandos to Men of Courage. the successor to the 1997 commandos behind enemy lines and a massive visual upgrade This game was very unique. It was a real-time strategy game that involved using these individual commandos. They all had very unique skill sets, and they all provided different elements to a mission. There was the spy, the driver, the diver, the Green Beret. That allowed you to have a huge variety of tactics that you could use to achieve your objective, and that was so brilliant about Commandos.

There wasn’t one way to complete a level. Sure, there were easier ways. There were little tricks that you could do, but there were plenty of different options when it came to achieving your objective. This gives the player incredible strategical depth and the breadth of options that this game gives you to complete your missions. It’s just something that you don’t often see in what I consider linear-style games. This was a linear game, but it had so many different ways of achieving that that it made you feel like you always had options on the table. You always felt like you were discovering something new when you found a new way to accomplish an objective.

I used to watch my dad play in the very early 2000s when he had his first gaming PC back in the day, a 2001 gaming PC, and I and my brother used to sit on chairs and watch him complete the missions. I mean, I think it took him almost a year to complete this game. That’s how complex and how rewarding it was when you finally managed to win. Not many of you would have heard of this, but it goes in at number 1 for me.

2: Fast-paced arena shooter

Thank you, Patrick. You’re bringing me number 2, and number 2, and number 2 for me. It built on all of the success of its predecessors, and it was primarily a high-velocity, fast-paced arena shooter. This bred a lot of the FPS eSports that we see today, and a lot of the pros from this game go on to have successful careers in FPS in general.

It was a game that favored gun skill; it was about gun selection; it was about aim, and that could have made the game exciting as well as the fast-paced action; you were constantly having to be aware of your surroundings and looking to frag, always keeping yourself on your toes.

3: SimCity 4

The next game in my top 3 list is a game that I spent countless hours on, released in 2003. SimCity 4 was the fourth major installment of the SimCity franchise. It upped the ante, bringing a day and night cycle, extra special effects, and lots of customization to the series, even allowing user-created content for the first time in the franchise. SimCity 4 brought huge customization. great degree of control and flexibility and allowed you to create your dream city from scratch a lot of the tools and customization features that you see,

You’ll see them in lots of modern city simulators as well, like City Skyline in the most recent Sim City. This is a fantastic game. It received widespread critical acclaim for being one of the first city simulators built on a 3D engine. This did have some negative points though. It had a very steep learning curve. Unfortunately, it was pretty difficult to play and often you found yourself running your city into the ground more often than not.

But regardless of that it was an absolutely brilliant game that had at a very successful game career including multiple add-ons lots of fan made content and even going on to win multiple awards in 2003 being one of the best-selling games on the PC platform it went on to inspire many generations of City simulators.

4: Saving Private Ryan

It was a game that both me and my dad first played online together and while Medal of Honor never really stacked up to the call of duty as the years went by, Allied Assault was one of their best games that they ever produced. The campaign was a playbook of Saving Private Ryan. You had the beach landing, you had the sniper town. I honestly think you could literally have just made it Saving Private Ryan. It would have been the same plot but the story was brilliant. The campaign was fantastic and it felt incredibly immersive. It was a very long drawn-out campaign but every level felt unique.

This is really felt like you were storming the German defenses, making your way into German territory, stealing their special weapon that they had I think it was the STK or something like that, and it was honestly just one of the most compelling games that I have ever played, and for the graphical capabilities that it had at this point, it was thoroughly impressive. It even had a very vibrant online multiplayer community where people would form clans. There were lots of dedicated servers, team deathmatches, and plant the bomb. All you had to do was join a server, pick your weapon, and go to fight. It was even very advanced by having a lean function. In all honesty, some of the best online multiplayer that I ever played was while playing this game growing up.

5: Halo Combat Evolved

Coming in at number 5, this is going to be a game that a lot of people will say, “Well, this is not a PC game.” It was released on PC in 2003, though, and actually, the PC version of Halo Combat Evolved did draw lots of critical acclaim for being a fantastic evolution of the first. It had brilliant online multiplayer. I think everybody remembers playing LAN parties on the Xbox, but this game also had a brilliant online PC community, which the Xbox version didn’t have.

This brought a new dynamic to the halo combat evolved series where people were able to play online and find that competitive player-versus-player element that they never really got from the original halo combat evolved on the Xbox. This inspired countless gaming communities, including the likes of Red vs. Blue.

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You had a lot of the online Halo gaming community as well as inspiring a generation of players that would go on to become professional players in Halo 2 and so on. The game itself was critically acclaimed as being one of the best halo franchises directly on our sites, which was a great thing because it still goes down as one of the most loved franchises ever produced for the Xbox and also for the PC.

6: The Sims 2

Coming in at number 6 with a slight graphical upgrade is The Sims 2 now. Coming in at number 11 with a slight graphical upgrade is The Sims 2 now. The Sims 2: You might say to me you’re crazy for putting it above Halo, but The Sims 2 was a game that appealed to a wide variety of players on the PC platform. It was a cultural phenomenon and it spawned countless people that were invested in the series. I think a lot of us remember going home and creating little families with our friends or even with our crushes in primary school. It wasn’t creepy at all and we lived out family lives that we never really had access to as kids. You’d be able to create your dream house. And there were plenty of ways that you could play the game. You could play the game by cheating.

I think we all remember the Simoleans cheat that you put in to get unlimited simoleons to build your big mansion. Or you’d buy your tiny little house and work your way up, getting promotions, making money month to month, and buying things as a normal person would buy. The Sims were frustrating.

7: Mauro Wind

coming in at number 7 is a game that I’m sure a lot of you held in high critical acclaim. It is the old way of life. Mauro Wind: This was one of the first Elder Scrolls games to have an expansive open world as well as being built on a 3D engine. It was a fantastic game in terms of the breadth of options that the player had, and even though some of the animations were wonky, some of the graphics were funny.

I mean, this Kaji looks like he needs to go to the toilet as well as his sprint looks incredibly weird. It just had so much depth to it, and it was what started off the success of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Don’t forget that after this, Bethesda went on to create multiple massive titles such as the Bolivian Skyrim as well as the Fallout series, all based on the success of Morrowind and how much people loved this single-player RPG with an open-world element. You could pretty much do whatever you wanted with your carriage.

You could play as multiple races and you could build them in multiple ways, giving you the freedom of being able to This was the first step for Bethesda and it kick-started the success of their company as well as the subsequent Elder Scroll and Cool Out games. This is a game that I went back and played recently, and it still lives up to everything that it was before. A brilliant game.

8: Eve-online

Moving on to number 8, it is Eve-online. Yes, can you believe EVE Online was released in 2003 and has lived up to all of those years? This is a longer online MMORPG than World of Warcraft in terms of its standing. It had geopolitics in its intricate world. It had links to the currency. There were stock markets. There were, you know, huge numbers of ways that you could end up making money as well as joining alliances.

It created some of the most epic online battles that you will ever see in space RPGs. I don’t know how any of their PCs kept up with it. It looked like it would have melted my CPU. This almost melts my CPU just watching the videos of them. as well as just being a constant stream of lasers and missiles.

It was a game that took a long time to get into, however, and if you’ve been playing it for a long time, you’ve often had ridiculously high-level characters with amazing ships, but it allowed you to explore that fantasy of open-world space RPGs incredibly well.

9: Pac-Man

Pac-Man was an arcade game released in 1980 by the Japanese company, Namco. The goal is simple: to create a game that as many people as possible will be able to play. The concept they came up with, Puck Man, became so successful that it was released in North America as Pac-Man. This blog post will discuss how the design of the game works and how it became one of the most popular games throughout the world.

There’s no denying Pac-Man is an incredible game and one of the most iconic video games of all time. It’s not hard to see why. After all, it’s a simple but more addictive game that, in addition to the classic arcade cabinet version, offers an experience you can have on your phone or tablet. The game has even been released in pacman 30th anniversary arcade cabinets to commemorate the milestone. So, how do we celebrate? This blog will look at how we’re celebrating 30 years of Pacman.

The Pac-Man game has been a huge success since its very beginning in 1980. The game is so popular that there are a large number of blogs, articles, and reviews on what made the game so popular. With so many blogs and articles, I figured it would be advantageous to find out what made the game so popular in the first place.

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