Top Digital Marketing Strategies To Help Optimize External Linking On Your Website

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In today’s time, any and every business relies on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices on the internet to expand their reach and increase the number of conversions. However, a significantly vital part of SEO that the best digital marketing agency follow is ‘link building.’

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of using external links (hyperlinks) on your content page to enable a user-friendly experience where the user can navigate from one point to another. While navigating through a web page of any business’s website, hyperlinks help build reliability. 

Advantages of Link Building – 

  1. Regarding the ranking of the pages, link building is one of the most critical factors. Google, the monopoly in search engines, deems it essential irrespective of the algorithm updates it makes. 
  2. A good link-building strategy can enhance a website’s ranking on the search engine, reliability, and visibility.

Best digital marketing agencies often build a solid and extensive strategy by using two types of links –

  • Internal Links

These are the links that help the user to navigate from one page to another page of the same website. You can use such links to ease the user’s experience while trying to understand all aspects of the business/product/idea. 

  • External Links

These links lead the user to a different website of another business but to the content that acts in a complementary manner. More often than not, a link provides extra information or knowledge on the same topic. For example, a digital marketing company in Delhi can suggest that the DMRC website incorporate hyperlinks that lead the user to the Ministry of Railways at necessary points. It enables a smooth experience for the user as they do not have to search for the relevant websites to grasp separately better. 

Although both internal and external links enhance the website’s performance, external links require more expertise. External links can further be categorized:

  • External links – Links used when you create a link to lead the user to another website.
  • Backlinks – Links used by other websites to lead the user to your website. 

A credible and concrete strategy for using external links looks something like what is mentioned below –

  • Strategize Content

Understanding the user’s needs, such as what they came looking for, what keeps them engaged, and the frequency at which they engage with the site – all of these points help produce relevant content. Along with relevant content, external links help increase the traffic as it ensures that such content gets more and more exposure through social media. The trick is to be regular with producing and publishing content.

  • Consider Google in Link Building

Google doesn’t rank all links as equal. It mainly depends on user experience, updated content, and relevance. Therefore, before you decide which links to be used, do proper screening of the potential links – check whether they are functional, not spammy, and are up to date with their data. 

  • Be a Good Backlink

If your website is being used as a backlink at a greater frequency, Google will give it a good reputation and send more users towards it. It can only happen if the quality of your content is up to a level. Try looking into providing more graphics, good research on the relevant industry, and increasing exposure through social media. 

Although link building is essential to SEO, you must consider a few points while building a strategy and applying it. You should use spammy sites with irrelevant and outdated data at no cost. It proves exceptionally harmful if this is not taken care of because Goggle ranks sites on these bases.



Nowadays, link building is being taken seriously by almost all of the best digital marketing agencies. It is no surprise because such strategies help build a reliable website for a smooth and friendly user experience. When users find their expertise up to the mark, the chances of conversions increase, thereby profiting the business. It is rather advised to build a digital marketing strategy using not only SEO but link building too. Today many digital marketing companies in Delhi provide such strategy building and insight into how one can benefit from such digital marketing strategies.

Author Bio: – Prashant Shukla is heading the search operations at Techmagnate. He is a digital marketing expert with more than 9 years of experience. He is sought-after for providing exponential growth to the businesses via digital marketing.