Top School Counseling Podcasts You Should Definitely Listen To

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School counseling podcasts are an excellent way to make the most of your commute time. They provide various strategies for improving your techniques and productivity. The commute is an opportunity to learn something new and work on your professional development. 

Therapist and school counseling podcasts bring you new perspectives on your occupation. They provide valuable insights into the best practices you can apply in your everyday work.  

Healthy and meaningful conversations with your audience can help build long-lasting relationships. Today, professionals from various occupations turn to podcasts to bring their expertise, experiences, and knowledge closer to a broader audience.  

Whether you’re planning to become a therapist, school counselor, psychologist, or just need guidance on your way to work, podcasts can help. We have made a list of podcasts perfect for school therapists and counselors to get you started, so read on.  

1. Brightfutures Counseling 

Bright Futures Counseling provides excellent podcasts for transforming your approach to school counseling. Each week, you get new podcasts with insights into actionable impact counseling strategies for improving your efficiency as a busy school counselor.  

Listen to short podcast episodes on your way to work and back, explore the trending counseling topics, and learn from guests’ interviews and experiences. Bright Futures Counseling can help you to become a better school counselor and help your students by providing actionable solutions to their everyday problems. 

2. Hidden Brain

Offered by National Public Radio, the Hidden Brain counseling podcast takes you deeper into human behavioral patterns and habits. It scientifically explores different aspects of human habits and behavior that lead them to develop specific behavioral patterns.  

This podcast will teach you valuable lessons on what influences people and how those influences shape their mental and behavioral dynamics. Use it to explore what drives your students and break into their social and behavioral perspectives.  

3. Mental Illness Happy Hour

Hosted by Paul Gilmartin, the Mental Illness Happy Hour brings you unexplored aspects of a range of well-known mental illnesses. Each episode delves deeper into troublesome experiences with mental conditions such as anxiety, negative thinking, addiction, trauma, and depression.  

The host had his fair share of experiences with mental health problems. He gathers interesting guests that reflect on their specific conditions. The podcast is a valuable source of interviews that reveal different aspects of dealing with mental illnesses.  

You can learn from the experiences of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, school counselors, therapists, and mental health professionals. Catch up with the free podcast through Stitcher, the iTunes store, and the MentalPod website. 

4. ACA Podcast Series

As a premium podcast, the ACA Podcast Series cooperates with the American Counseling Association to provide educational credits to the listeners. Each podcast session explores different topics, including careers, personal and professional development skills, values, and ethics. 

More importantly, the podcast also deals with specific counseling types, such as managing grief, social and public stigma, stress, etc. This podcast can be a valuable addition to your school counseling efforts that may help to provide students with guidance on the best practices for passing exams and advancing their careers. 

5. How to Talk to Kids About Anything

Former students preparing for school counseling should consider listening to the How to Talk to Kids About Anything podcast. It provides valuable insights into the best practices for counseling children. Each episode delivers in-depth insights into how to approach kids and talk to them about sensitive subjects.  

Listeners can learn how to talk about serious topics in a way that will resonate with kids of any age. Finding an approach that will tickle the kids’ imagination and make them listen is essential to helping them deal with various problems.  

Some topics explored on the podcast include fear, abuse, stranger danger, and anger. The podcast gathers interviews with counseling experts, school counselors, therapists, and parents. 

6. We All Wear It Differently

Whether you’re a psychologist or studying to become one, We All Wear It Differently is a podcast that deals with psychology-related topics. Some subjects explore various aspects of work challenges, values, ethics, continuing education, compliance problems, and dealing with complex patients.  

The podcast also deals with the challenges of setting up private counseling practices and how they stack up against community settings. Listeners can access various counselor experiences, working anecdotes, and success stories.  

They can also tap into interviews with avid professionals from various practice settings. This podcast is an ideal source of information for people who want to know more about the everyday hardships of working as a school counselor.  


This list provides carefully selected podcasts for school counselors, offering a different perspective on counseling students. Even though they all eventually deal with the same problems and challenges, each podcast provides a unique angle on solving common problems. 

Learn from professional counselors, front-line workers, social experts, and experienced specialists with years of experience and knowledge in the field. These podcasts provide short and comprehensive lessons you can listen to while handling everyday chores.  

Tune in while preparing a meal, exercising, or commuting to school. Podcasts are perfect for setting your learning pace and exploring different topics by adhering to the professional counseling experiences of experts and specialists.