Top Test Data Generation Tool for Developers

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Data Generation Tool for Developers

For testers and developers to test applications, the database must contain a large amount of random data. It is not a cost-effective or time-efficient option to insert data manually into a database. It will also take a lot of time and effort to insert data into the database using a script. For this reason, we must make use of tools called test data generation tools to enter data into the database. In test cases, test data generation is the process of generating samples of test data that will be used to execute the test cases. A number of tools are available that generate data that is similar to production test data. In the absence of existing data, these tools can be used.

In this article, we will have a look at some of the best test generation tools available for developers.

Top test data generation tool for developers

We now know the importance of test generation tools. To bring good news to you, a free collection of online tools, utilities, and libraries that will assist developers, testers, and designers in their daily tasks is made available by LambdaTest. A number of mobile apps and web applications can be tested using LambdaTest.  Cross-browser compatibility can be ensured with LambdaTest using 3000+ real devices and browsers. With LambdaTest, you can also use web and mobile test automation frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, Appium and more, for your automation testing needs.

Let’s now look at the best data generation tools:

1. Random JSON Generator

In addition to creating a random JSON file, the JSON Generator is also capable of producing a variety of values. Developers and QA can use these values to test their applications. LambdaTest’s Random JSON Generator is free, easy to use, and does not have any ads or popups. You can save your output JSON file as a .JSON file for ease of use.

You can use JSON Generator to generate random JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) fields. By clicking the button, you’ll receive a randomly generated JSON structure from a template in seconds. It can be used to generate any number of random JSON values from a pre-defined template in an instant.

2. Random XML Generator

No installation is required to use Random XML Generator in order to create multiple XML files from a template. LambdaTest’s Random XML Generator is free, easy to use, and doesn’t have any ads or popups. You can generate XML data with a tree structure with several levels and includes random attributes or tags. You can generate an XML depending on which property is used with the Random XML Generator. By using this transformation, an XML Template can be created from generated XML. If the template does not have proper documentation, an XML document will be generated.

3. Random CSV Generator

This free, easy-to-use Random CSV Generator by LambdaTest allows you to generate random IP addresses conveniently. The Random CSV Generator by LambdaTest has no advertisements or popups.

Designed for software developers and quality assurance engineers who need to generate bulk test CSV documents for software or service testing, the Random CSV Generator is a useful tool. CSV documents can be created using the application or imported from an existing file based on explicit structure. In addition to creating complex data, the application can also generate values for dependent variables.

4. Random YAML Generator

A random YAML generator generates random data structures from YAML language. This generator offers various options for randomizing different aspects of the data. In addition to sequences, numbers, strings, collections, and booleans, it supports nesting depths and number of elements per level. Sequences and collections can be inlined or expanded.

As an example, you can configure the application using inline YAML syntax and select string values from a dummy list or a randomly generated list of characters. Additionally, indentation can be configured to compress YAML by using spaces or no indentation.

5. Placeholder Image Generator

Before a final image is created, a placeholder image represents an idea or concept visually. Placeholder images are commonly used by designers during the early stages of design. The Placeholder Image Generator generates images in either JPG or PNG format based on the width and height entered. It uses client-side scripts to create images of the desired dimensions.

The tool also offers options for changing the background color, font size, font color, and font size of placeholder images. After you have generated a placeholder image, a preview will be displayed, and you will have the option to save it.

6. Random Binary Generator

Using this tool, you will be able to generate random binary numbers of a specified length. You can configure the numbers of binary digits, and the total number of digits you want.

7. Random Character Generator

In order to generate unique strings that don’t follow any recognizable pattern, the Random Character Generator is an essential tool. It generates a sequence of characters that doesn’t follow any recognizable pattern and is random. The Random String Generator provides programming tools for creating random strings by selecting characters.

Apart from this, Random String Generator lets you choose the type of characters to create a random string. It can be an alphanumeric string or a regular string. The online generator will generate random characters for you as soon as you enter the value in the box and click “Generate Character”.

8. Random Color Generator

With the Random Color Generator, you can generate a list of random colors or a single color in three different color codes: HEX, RGB(A), and HSL. Enter a shade name into the box and click on the “Generate Color” button to get a preview of your target color. LambdaTest’s free online color generator will display a random code for your chosen color.

9. Random Date Generator

Random Date Generator allows users to choose days, months, and years at random from any time in history. The tool can also be used to generate a random date if you select a range of years that includes multiple years.

Users can enter a range of years they wish and pick numbers up to 100. If you want to pick a random date, specify a range that covers more than one year, but make sure that all years are included. Then select a random date as usual.

10. Random Decimal Fraction Generator

In the [0,1] interval or any other desired interval, Random Decimal Fraction Generator will produce a random decimal fraction. You can set the start and end fractions, as well as the precision for each fraction.

By clicking the “Generate Random Fraction” button, you can generate a randomly generated decimal fraction that you can use as a basis for your mock data. For mock data, test data, and other uses, this tool can generate pseudo-random numbers or sequences.

11. Random Decimal Generator

Using the Random Decimal Generator, users can generate random decimal numbers. In addition to determining the number of digits per input number, the tool also lets you choose how many decimal numbers to generate. Input into our Random Decimal Generator is used to generate a random decimal number.

12. Random GUID Generator

By generating globally unique identifier strings using JavaScript, you can avoid sending them over the Internet. The GUID codes can be used to serialize Windows and Mac software and create coupon codes for your online store. There are several different versions of this tool that can generate up to 500 globally unique identifiers depending on the inputs from the user. GUIDs and UUIDs are large, random numbers used to identify computer applications.

13. Random HEX Generator

You can use a hexadecimal number generator to create random SHA1 git hashes or MD5 hashes for cross-browser testing. Furthermore, you can specify the number and length of the hexadecimal digits that you wish to generate. For cached or temporary resources, this tool uses long hexadecimal numbers (hex) to ensure unique identifiers.

The use of long strings of hex values as random data is possible with this tool as there are low chances of a collision between random numbers, allowing them to be used with HTML forms to test form validation code.

14. Random Octal Online Generator

By choosing how many digits each octal number must have, as well as how many octal numbers should be generated, LambdaTest’s Random Octal Generator provides a free online tool to generate random octal numbers. To create large octal numbers, this random number generator uses PHP’s gmp_random_range() function from the GMP mathematical extension. It utilizes digits 0 to 7.

15. Random IP Generator

You can generate random IP addresses conveniently with Random IP Generator. It is free, easy to use, and free of ads. You don’t have to worry about popups or ads. Using this tool, you can randomly generate IP addresses for your needs. It runs entirely within the browser and is written in JavaScript. The inputs are processed first.

16. Random Mac Generator

A MAC Generater by LambdaTest is a free tool that allows you to generate random MAC addresses conveniently. It is easy to use and is also free. Apart from this, this tool does not contain any ads or popups. When connected to a network, your computer’s real media access control (MAC) address is hidden by MAC address randomization. As a result, the device creates a fake MAC address for your computer and transmits it to nearby WiFi access points.

17. Random Number Generator

This mathematical construct produces a number from a limited or unlimited distribution and outputs it. A true random number generator produces its output by taking into account unpredictable physical phenomena, such as atmospheric noise, radio static, and radioactive decay timing.

It is significant to note that, there are two main types of random number generators: pseudo random number generators and true random number generators. A pseudorandom number generator generates a series of numbers that is initially unpredictable, but becomes predictable over time (a PRNG’s sequence can be described by a relatively few rules).

18. Random Paragraph Generator

The LambdaTest online Random Paragraph Generator makes writing multiple paragraphs a lot easier! You can create a random paragraph in no time at all by using LambdaTest’s free Random Paragraph Generator! The LambdaTest Random Paragraph Generator is easy to use! You only have to specify the number of characters, the number of words and the length of the sentence and click on “Generate Paragraph”. After defining your requirements, you will be presented with a random paragraph.

19. Random Password Generator

With password generators, users can generate random or customized passwords. It gives them greater protection against unauthorized access by helping them create stronger passwords.

As a result, these passwords are more difficult to crack than those created by users on their own. With this password generator, you can create secure, strong passwords each time. The passwords are generated without being transmitted over the Internet, ensuring security. You can select the length of the password. Password creation is now available!

20. Random Time Generator

A free, easy-to-use, online tool that generates a random time stamp is Random Time Generator, a free online tool which lets you create an A.M. or P.M. time stamp.

21. Random UUID Generator

A Universally Unique ID (UUID) can be used to generate unique values across many computers and across time with a 128-bit number. In cases where auto incremented values might be duplicates, they are useful as primary keys because of their uniqueness. It is possible to generate random test data using UUIDs since they are guaranteed to be unique. Need a random string? It’s fine. What about an email? Your program can generate IDs in a variety of formats, such as [email protected]

22. Random Sentence Generator

Using LambdaTest’s free online Random Sentence Generator can save you time and effort when it comes to writing multiple sentences. LambdaTest’s free online Random Sentence Generator lets you generate random sentences based on your requirements in no time. It’s as simple as defining the characters and words length, and then clicking “Generate Sentence”. The sentence will be generated based on your requirements.

23. Random String Generator

Easily generate random strings online with this simple, quick and powerful Random String Generator. It lets you create a variety of string lengths ranging from 8 characters to 25 characters. A string’s length can be customized, from a minimum of 8 characters to a maximum of 25 characters. This tool generates random strings of one or more characters. In addition to generating pseudo-random numbers and sequences, this module can also generate strings that are not related to security.

24. Random Word Generator

Users can generate random words as per their requirements in no time using LambdaTest’s free online Random Word Generator. A random word is one that cannot be predicted in LambdaTest’s free online Random Word Generator, since it is selected from a database of words at random. Our generator is very easy to use! Simply click on “Generate Sentence” and specify the character length. Depending on your specified requirements, you will receive a random word.

25. Random Text Generator

It allows you to create text using a regular expression (Regex). Regex’s are usually used to match or extract character classes from a piece of text, but they can also be reversed and used to build strings. Using this tool, you can create multiple text instances at once so that regular expressions match a wide variety of inputs. Each text instance will match your regular expression based on the number of instances you set in the options.

26. Test Data Generator

Generate test data with this free online tool. It is also known as fake data or dummy data. Test data is a group of random information drawn from different sources.

27. Lorem Ipsum Generator

A This tool allows you to create a random IP address conveniently by using Lorem Ipsum Generator. Lorem is a placeholder text commonly used by graphic designers and web designers. A designer can use Lorem Ipsum to see the layout of a piece of work before it’s finalized or made live. You can easily copy the output text from LambdaTest’s Lorem Ipsum Generator without any popups or ads. Our Lorem Ipsum Generator does not trigger the spellcheck feature of your browser, word processor, or similar program. It’s as easy as filling in the number and type of text you want to generate.

28. Credit Card Number Generator

A In order to generate a randomly generated credit card number conveniently, you need to use the Credit Card Number Generator. With the Credit Card Number Generator, you can generate a valid credit card number, including name, address, expiration date, CVV code, and security code (PIN).

The LambdaTest credit card number generator is free, easy to use, and doesn’t have any ads or pop-ups. It can be used for free trials, testing, as well as registration. Based on Luhn’s algorithm, the standard checksum used to generate credit card validation numbers, the credit card generator produces a complete set of cardholder and credit card details. Basically, the generator gives you an inactive credit card number that cannot be linked to an existing account, but can be used for verification and testing purposes.

29. QR Code Generator

It is easy to store information on a QR code, like text or website addresses, using code generators. With LambdaTest’s free online QR code generator, you can easily convert a link into a QR code by entering text or a web address and downloading it as a high-resolution PNG or vector image. If you upload your information to the website, it will generate a QR code for you to use. The QR code links to the URL, PDF or other information you uploaded.

30. Random Byte Generator

Your choice of output format, e.g., binary, decimal, hexadecimal, is available in the Random Bytes Generator. We recommend using a generator instead of a human guess or a classic algorithm because after a certain number of iterations there will be patterns, but this is not the case with our tool. LambdaTest’s Random Byte Generator has no ads or popups, is free. This tool is completely in contrast to computer programs that leverage pseudo-random algorithms, atmospheric noise provides randomness.


This list of tools provide various features for databases that developers can use to make their testing much more easier. There are a lot of tools for generating test data. You should also consider some aspects when selecting a tool, such as the databases it supports, the data generation methods it uses, the types of data it supports, and the operating system it runs on.