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 Here with L.P.U you not only provide online classes but also provide quality education.These also facilitate the students with quality video lectures and with full support. The most prominent feature of L.P.U distance education courses is to conduct weekend doubt clearing sessions. Students can contact for any kind of query or the study material as per their requirements.

Most importantly, you may also get a  student portal to access according to your course and  Here you can access the study material, information about classes, and all other related information. The web portal is the easiest means of communication these days.  You can easily contact them through this program for their queries.

 Distance Education is offering all the courses and you can choose according to your background stream.  You may get an economical fee structure, making tertiary education more qualitative and affordable for its students.

Study Material

 For LPU distance education courses you may also provide the required study material. It is in the form of printed books and e-books according to the syllabus.  It also indulgesimportant notes prepared by experienced teachers.

Lovely professional university distance B.Ais here for you to get your education completeto help people to develop a dynamic personality to fulfill students’ needs.  this will help them to engage in multiple activities and attain a graduation degree.

 Increase skill development with B.A course

Skill development is an instrument where you get through B.A program. So, to improve the effectiveness and contribution towards students’ approach.  The program provides the overall production of where Punjab Skill Development Mission. It is also helpful to support people and businesses by imparting skills.fashsportsma The program also helps them to compete in the market and makes them self-independent.  It also helps in opening an abundance of options for professional growth.

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and Lovely professional university distance B.A helps you to achieve your goal.It is a three-year-long undergraduate program that deals with humanities and social sciences and with this graduation degree, you can get a good job. The BA course aims to provide extensive knowledge of humanities and social sciences and you may get your graduation complete.   With L.P.U you may get enroll through the many BA specializations. These are available for students to choose from and make their careers.  There are various job opportunities after  BA waiting for you.  jobs after graduation include are below mentioned.

  • Executive Assistant
  • HR Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager

 Despite that several work oppurtunities are waiting for you.  The L.P.U is one of the most reputed universities where you can make your future and achieve your dream job.  No need to go to regular colleges,you can complete your graduation at where ever you are with L.P.U.

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