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In today’s life security matters a lot for any smartphone whether an Android or an iPhone and the security company focuses on providing the best antivirus protection by strictly following the basics while some may insist on rooting out harmful malware.

Among numerous anti-virus protection, Total AV is the most popular and pocket-friendly, software that has an intuitive user interface suitable for all.

To get all the details about total av antivirus, we have come up with this post. 

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Introduction to Total AV Antivirus

To root out the malware Total AV is the best antivirus with an excellent malware detection rate that doesn’t need much technical knowledge beginners as well as advanced users can access it for securing their devices. To stop any nasties from downloading your device it scans your system and detects and deletes them from your device.

Not only just the presence of real-time antivirus protection enough to make an antivirus top of choice, but how much it scores on malware detection also matters equally.

Pros and Cons of Total AV 

Before making a decision to buy a Total AV subscription, we need to have a glimpse at total av reviews, so let’s move to know the pros and cons of Total AV.

Pros of Total AV 

  • All kinds of malware on the internet can be detected and cleaned by Total AV.
  • With a free version available on the market, it is great software for a PC.
  • On the side of service, it offers responsive and professional customer services to users.
  • It offers real-time protection to protect your device.
  • To run the device more efficiently, you can use the optimization tool.

Cons of Total AV

  • With a one-time purchase, it can protect only 6 devices.
  • The browser extensions it uses may not be an easy interface.

Reviews of Total AV

Have a look at  total av review,

  • Offering many subscription packages, it has the option to pick the cheapest and get the 3 devices covered with the anti protection.
  • With a lot of features including, scanning malware, a VPN, and a password manager Total AV is a complete solution for online security and system protection.
  • . It offers a high level of security for all devices whether a PC or  a smartphone.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that secures your devices quickly.
  • It has a well-organized and intuitive interface that is suitable for all.

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