Types Of Manlift Used In The Construction Industry

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Manlift is a kind of construction equipment that is used to lift the worker up to a certain height so that they can easily perform their job without any hassle. It works like an articulated boom lift. The manlift is known by different names such as man lifts, personal lifts, or personnel lifts. The purpose of all the manlift is the same. In the construction industry, there are many jobs that are full of risks and required a difficult approach to perform. To overcome the problem, the equipment manufacturers have developed this incredible tool to help the worker and make their job easier and safer.

However, like other heavy equipment, a manlift operation requires safety precautions as well. The site safety and the safe operation of heavy equipment like used trackhoe for sale, are the responsibility of a construction contractor. So, they must be active and aware enough of all the rules and regulations.

In this article, we are going to discuss the main three types of manlift that are commonly used in the construction industry.

The three main types of a manlift are:

  • Self-propelled manlift
  • Push around manlift
  • Atrium (belt) manlift

1.Self-propelled Manlift

All the manlift used in the construction industry are quite similar. One cannot differentiate easily. Although their working capacity and sizes are different. The self-propelled man lift is the smallest among all. It can carry only one worker at once along with some basic tools he needs for his job. the lift can raise the bucket up to 25-20 feet above the ground.

Due to the small size of the self-propelled manlift, it can easily maneuver in small and tight spaces. It can easily be used in indoor spaces. The functional stability of this manlift is super high as it does not trip down easily and provides the ladder height to work.

2.Push-around manlift

The push-around manlift is different in size from the self-propelled. It is a little bigger and has more capacity to lift the bucket up to more than 20 feet. This manlift can actually lift the worker up to 50 feet above the ground. The push-around manlift can also accommodate only one worker at once along with his tools.

This manlift is used in the construction industry for many purposes as they can easily navigate into small space areas. Other than the construction site, photographers also use it to take a bird’s eye view over the crowd. It has high stability and can carry around 400 pounds weight.

3.Atrium (Belt) Manlift

This is the largest manlift among all. The atrium manlift is heavy-duty equipment and can be used on outdoor construction sites. It can lift the worker up to 34 feet and can rotate the bucket 360 degrees. It has the capacity to haul heavy weight and can sit firmly over unstable surfaces.


The manlift is a kind of heavy equipment that is used to lift the worker along with his tools up to a certain height so that he can easily perform his tasks without any accident. However, every equipment needs a safe operation, be it used trackhoe for sale or a manlift. The manlift is available in three main types. The details of all three types are given in this article.