Types of websites

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There are many possibilities offered by the web. People use websites for so many different purposes that it’s hard to rank them all, so here’s a ranking.

Search engines

There is a lot of all kinds of information on the web. The main objective of search engines is to help you find the information you want through keywords. For example, if you are looking for a site where you can learn English, you just have to write “Learn English for free” in the search bar and you will see a list of sites related to your search appear.


Portals are websites that group information of various kinds such as news, politics or technology. There are also portals dedicated to a particular topic like fashion, sports or electronics to name a few.


Corporate or institutional sites are the official sites of companies or institutions, whose purpose is to offer general information about their activity and other important characteristics such as contact information, job opportunities, history, events, news and, of course, show their products and services. .


Government sites correspond to government entities and their purpose is to make public relevant information about their mission, the objectives achieved and the activities they carry out. In addition, they can offer online procedures, calls, tenders and other citizen participation mechanisms.


The mission of educational sites is to publish content of various kinds with which people can learn. You can find from free content for children to paid content for professionals. This type of site can also include those that belong to university institutions in virtual mode.

Social networks

Social networks are places where people share information, be it of a personal nature such as their personal interests, trips, parties, friends; or professional, profile, studies, professional experience, etc.


The traditional press and magazines, in addition to their printed version, usually have a web version. There are even news sites that only have the web version. These types of sites help you to find out what is happening in your city, country or the whole world.


They are sites that allow anyone to write articles and publish them on the web. If you wanted, you could create your own blog to share your experiences or knowledge on a topic of personal or professional interest.


Banks and financial entities in general have made important advances to offer many of their services through the web. If you are a client or user of a banking entity, surely, you will be able to carry out transactions through its portals.

Online store

Online stores are web versions of what you would expect from a real store, so you can find product catalogs, promotions, recommendations and even comments from other buyers. Payments are made through credit cards and shipments are made through national or international parcel companies.

Web applications

These are sites that offer specialized applications through the web. For example, project management, document editing, file storage and processing, among others. These sites usually offer free and paid modalities or special plans for companies.


Thanks to the possibility of transmitting audio and video through the web, there are sites dedicated to publishing videos and songs with countless themes and genres. Imagine the large amount of content available… there is something for everyone!

Do I need a website?

Someone close to you may have suggested it to you or one of your clients may have asked you: do you have a website?

i need a website

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might need to have a website:

If you or your company makes a product, you may need a website to publicize it. Through a website you can describe the characteristics of your product and, even better, you can add photos and videos to promote it. You could even sell it directly through your website.

If what you offer is a service, you can make it known through a website. There, you can present what your service is about, some success stories, even the rates and modalities of the service you provide.

If you have a company, a business website can serve you in two areas: first, it can be the way to make your company known to the public and its commercial activity. Second, it can be useful to improve the flow of communication between you and your workers.

Maybe what you want is to share something: your thoughts, your trips, your photographs, your complaints, your hobbies, your professional profile, your thesis or maybe that poem, story or joke that you wrote someday. Through a website you can express and share what is important to you.

It could be that your goal is to build a community around a particular topic. For example, bringing together the fans of a product or musical group, finding others who share your philosophy, beliefs or political views, promoting aid campaigns, forming working groups on environmental issues… in short. If what you want is to bring people together with a common goal, a website can be very helpful.

The above are just a few reasons why you might need a website, if you have something different in mind, keep reading! because we will continue to delve into the options you have to carry out your web project.