UPDF- A Beautiful PDF Editor to Boost Your Productivity in Work

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UPDF is one of the best free PDF editor software to make changes to PDF documents. When you sourcing out a good PDF editor on the market, you will find that good PDF editors are too expensive. Sometimes you just need to correct a typo on the PDF document, but you have to pay a lot of money for it. UPDF will rescue you. It offers a free version to help you make any modifications to your PDF documents.

Let’s Know the Features of UPDF in Detail

How can UPDF help you? Here you have got the key features in detail, so you can scroll down to know more.


  • UPDF Helps You Edit PDF Documents

Editing PDF documents has always been a difficult task for everyone without the right tool. UPDF has an easy way to add, edit or delete text from a PDF document.

Speaking of the text on a PDF document, you can add the edit the text as you are editing on a word processor. Some people think that editing in Word document is convenient, however, now editing in a PDF document is also convenient. UPDF will give you the freedom to edit any text on a PDF document.

  • You can insert text, copy text, paste text, delete text, modify text, etc.
  • You can also change the color of the text. You can choose a font or font size for your text.

There are multiple tools for you to use to edit the images on PDF documents.

  • You can use UPDF to change the size of images within a PDF document.
  • You can rotate the images to the direction you like.
  • You can insert images by dragging and dropping.
  • You can replace image by dragging a new image from your computer.
  • You can extract images from PDF document.

Amazing, right? If you are interested in the instructions of editing a PDF, then you can click here to learn how to edit a PDF.

  • UPDF Helps You Annotate PDF Documents

UPDF contains a simple way to add notes and annotations to your PDF documents, which you can then reference again in the future. You can also add comments to a PDF document without changing the document’s contents.

UPDF is a great PDF annotator. What does UPDF support for annotation?

First, UPDF provides multiple text commenting tools for you. You can add sticky notes and text boxes to your PDF documents. There is also a text callout and typewriter available there.

Second, UPDF allows you to highlight PDF text. It also allows you to add underline and strikethrough to PDF text.

Third, UPDF has a lot of stamps and stickers for you to choose. You can insert a built-in stamp or create a customized stamp yourself. There are also all kinds of stickers for you to use.

Forth, UPDF has many shapes for you to insert. You can add an oval, arrow, triangles, etc. to your PDF. You can also draw using the pen tool.

Last, UPDF allows you to add handwritten signatures to PDF documents.


  • UPDF Helps You Convert PDF Documents


There is an option in UPDF to convert PDF documents. It offers great conversion accuracy and fast conversion speed. You can rely on this tool and it has an OCR feature to help you convert scanned PDF documents into editable formats.

You can choose Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular file formats for conversion with UPDF. There is no need to worry about the quality as UPDF will provide high quality.

  • UPDF Helps You Organize PDF Pages

You can organize pages from your PDF easily with UPDF. It is especially useful if you find there are duplicated pages, or pages with wrong order.


UPDF can be used to delete specific pages from a PDF file. It is especially useful if you need to remove a couple of pages from a document before sharing it with others.


UPDF supports rotating PDF pages. It is especially useful for people who take notes with a tablet and want to change the way pages are oriented in a PDF.

UPDF also allows you to replace pages with another PDF.

You can also extract some specific pages to a separate PDF with UPDF.

If you want to insert a blank PDF page, you can do it with UPDF. It also allows you to insert pages from another PDF.

If you find that the order of the pages needed to be change, UPDF will help you rearrange and reorder the pages in PDF. You can simply drag the pages to the place you want. Easy, right?

  • UPDF Helps You View PDF Documents Fast


You can also use UPDF to view and read your documents. UPDF provides an easy way to see the contents of a PDF document. It offers multiple reading modes: single page view, two-page view, single page scrolling, two-page scrolling, full screen.


You can open a bunch of PDF documents together with UPDF. It is especially useful if you have multiple PDF files that you need to view or modify. UPDF will let you open up several PDF documents into different tabs in the app, making it easier to view and modify the documents.

UPDF also allows you to add bookmarks to your PDF document. You can rename and manage all your bookmarks easily. It also has a remember feature to remember the last place of your reading.

Recently, UPDF adds a new feature to help you display PDF as a slideshow. This really helps when you need to make a speech with your PDF document.



Advantages of UPDF

  • It is one of the best PDF editors that is free to use. This really helps use save a lot of money.
  • Compared to online free PDF editor, UPDF is more secure and stable on your desktop.
  • The user interface of UPDF is beautiful and intuitive.
  • The speed of UPDF is fast. You can use it to help you boost your work efficiency.

Final Words


UPDF is an excellent, free program. It allows you to edit PDF files and eliminate the elements you don’t need anymore. It also does a lot more. You can add all kinds of comments and annotations to PDF documents. It is also a good PDF page organizer for you. No matter what your job is, as long as you are using PDF document, UPDF will provide you with the best PDF editor service. You will regret to miss it.