Using Custom Keychain For Marketing: A Winning Choice

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Among the many promotional gadgets that companies can use in the context of a marketing campaign. Custom keychains certainly deserve a leading role, both for the ease of dissemination that characterizes them. And because their reduced cost requires an investment. Furthermore, the proposals on the market are so many and varied that any commercial activity. Whatever its product sector, can identify the model among the custom keychain to be distributed for free. Not only to customers, but also to their employees, collaborators, suppliers, and so on. Anyone will be happy to have a keychain as a gift.

Which Custom Keychain To Choose?

There is a great wide range of custom keychains, of any size, shape and price, all customizable. From the simplest plastic keychains, with puppets, to the most useful ones like the keychain with a token for the trolley. Without forgetting the bottle opener, anti-stress custom keychains and with integrated light. You can use them during events, fairs and for your advertising campaigns guaranteeing a great image return. In addition, they are suitable as special gadgets to accompany the launch of a particular product or project.

Advantages of Customs Keychains

Custom keychains are useful items, therefore, is out of the question. They are essential to always have the keys at hand and to avoid losing something on the road trying to extract them from your pockets. A custom keychain is a gift that never goes out of fashion not only because it is practical and useful, but also because it is available in a variety of variants that make it suitable to satisfy every type of taste and need: eco-friendly keychain, fabric keychain, plastic keychains, technology keychains, etc.

When choosing to give a keychain as a gift or buy it for personal use, it is essential to be sure of the quality of the item. It is important to pay attention not only to the resistance of the lace or ring, so as to make sure that the key ring does not break easily, but also to the aesthetics of the object itself and of the decorative pendant, if any.

Custom Keychains: Design

The main feature to consider before buying a custom keychain is to choose the design. You can find custom keychains with a minimal style, with sober lines, without too many frills that give a touch of class and elegance.

Extremely chic those with the case, also ideal to be given to a family member or friend or relative, even for a special occasion.

Other key chains have a nice look and help us to “brighten up” the day: they are colorful and decorative accessories, many of which are also cheap.

Custom Keychain the Eternity Model

Very interesting, for example, is the Eternity keychain, equipped with a perpetual calendar. It has a round shape and is made of metal, a guarantee of elegance and refinement. For those who prefer to focus on something more creative, instead, there is the Housy keychain, with a shiny nickel cover that covers the metal base. As the name suggests, this keychain takes the shape of a house and, consequently, is ideal for marketing carried out by a real estate agency. The custom keychain in metal and imitation leather, available in different chromatic shades. It may seem a minor peculiarity, but in reality it is really useful in this period of health alert which requires as much as possible the contact with surfaces also touched by other people.

Custom Keychain Techniques

But how can the keychain that will then be used for promotional purposes be customized ? In reality, there are various customization techniques that you can choose from: to decide which is the best, you need to take into account the composition material. Resin-coated labels and laser engravings are two of the most common options, but you can’t forget about pad printing, screen printing and – of course – digital printing. Moreover, it is not said that a key ring must necessarily be made of metal: there are also wooden models, made with various shapes, or those in plastic., in turn very pleasant. Companies that have to choose which keychain to offer as a gift to customers and employees must pay attention above all to quality, to ensure that the custom keychain lasts for a long time and does not spoil within a short time.

The choice of the promotional custom keychain is always a winner

Promotional gadgets are certainly a very large and heterogeneous market: yet custom keychains, despite their simplicity, know how to emerge and are appreciated, enjoying considerable satisfaction and extraordinary popularity. The reason is obvious: everyone of us needs, in everyday life, one or more keychains to manage all the keys we find ourselves using. Those at home, those of the car, those of the workplace, those of the parents’ or children’s home, and so on: having a keychain available, in short, is a common need for everyone.

When to distribute keychains

Whether you need to publicize an event or improve the visibility of a company, distributing custom keychain is a great move for a marketing strategy. You could think of offering them to customers who buy a certain product, or to participants in a fair. Much also depends on the type of key ring: Ren, for example, is made of aluminum and heart-shaped , and for this reason it is recommended for businesses whose clientele is mainly female. Cottage, on the other hand, is another keychain recommended for real estate, as it has the shape of a house. And, again, here is Industrial, which has a professional look with an LED light: in this case it is advisable to refer to it for trade fairs, sector events or congresses. Finally, to mention Wheel, a keychain with a wheel-shaped meter: perfect for workshops


Custom keychains are an excellent promotional gift for any company, organization or event that wants to make a cheap but also heartfelt gift. If it is of particular and accurate design and if customized with something more characteristic than the simple company logo, your customers, associates, promoters, affiliates, representatives will look forward to being able to use it, show it to everyone and thus be able to talk about you and your company by advertising for free! If connected to an event, such as a fair, a conference, a training meeting, a concert, a sports tournament, the custom keychains are that type of object that, even if it will not be used by everyone, will certainly be preserved.