Voyager Roof Rack for Land Rover Discovery 

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Those passionate about Overlanding and off-roading and looking for the best performance and capability can find what they’re looking for in the premium roof racks and accessories made by Voyager Offroad. Each rack is tailored to fit the specific shape of your car’s roof, and they all come with a wind deflector shield to cut down on wind resistance and road noise. Even better, Voyager racks are made not to interfere with your vehicle’s sunroof. 

Do you need more space in your land rover to store your skis, snowboard, kayak, canoe, overland equipment, or anything else you might need to transport? If that’s the case, look no further than this high-quality Voyager Offroad roof rack. The Milky Way may still be seen through this sunshade, and the roof glass is protected. 


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– One of the most important features of the land rover discovery roof rack and defender 110 roof rack  is its tubing. It is 25mm (1 inch) in diameter and is made of cold-rolled galvanized zinc steel that has been welded with extreme precision and strength. Lightweight yet sturdy 

– Steel is acid-washed, zinc-treated, galvanized, and coated with a highly durable powder to increase its longevity and aesthetic appeal. 

– coated black 

– To hold up to 900 pounds in weight (check your vehicle for manufacturer rooftop weight limits) 

– Included in the package is an aluminum front wind deflector fairing that reduces wind drag and noise levels and attaches to your car via preexisting roof mounting points. 

– Sunroof opens and functions even with a full load 

– Rooftop tent can be installed with no modifications; No drilling is required 

– All hardware is included 

– No rails are required; stock plastic rails can be re-used 

– No drilling is required 

– All hardware is included 

-Fully customizable (modify basket height, light protector bar, hi-lift jack mount, shovel mount, axe mount, spare tire mount, etc.) 

– Sunroof opens and functions- 

 – 4 front light mounts  

– 1 rear light mount – Comes with instructions for assembly, maintenance, and care – Overall height: 5″ 

What are the Types of Roof Racks for the Voyager 

  • Clamp Mounts 

The most typical method for installing a roof rack on a bare roof is with a clamp. Depending on the vendor, this can be referred to as “bare roof” or “clamp mount,” among other terms. This mounting system is for you if your car doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes or other factory provisions for roof rack installation. 


  • Flush Rail Mounts Roof Racks for the Voyager 


When a car has rails for attaching things along the roof, but there is no space between the two, we say that the rails are flush. A leg that can clamp onto the rail component without touching the rest of the roof is usually necessary if your roof has flush rails. The clamping mechanism varies by model, with some employing a molded rubber bushing and others if your vehicle is equipped to handle it, a pin system.  

Several alternatives exist for flush rail mounting. It’s important to exercise caution while selecting one of these kits because they are typically model-specific. If you need help searching for the right fit for your car, check out the options in the “Fit My Vehicle” drop-down menu. 


  • Raised Rails Mounts 


When there is no obstruction between the top of the rail and the roof, we call that a raised rail or an open rail. There is more leeway in rack placement because of the variety of mounting options available. Having this information also expands your choices when it comes to bar spread. 

Open roof rails typically use a simple clamp system, such as the Rhino-Rack SX100 legs or the Prorack/Yakima K328 fitting kit. There isn’t much of a difference between the two, and they’re both among our most popular roof rack mounting systems because they both accomplish the same thing. 


  • Fixed Point Mounts 

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Fixed mounts are commonly found on vehicles that do not have rails, as was described above in the flush rail section. The overall load ratings of your vehicle will improve when you mount with fixed points, and in the case of some manufacturers, the load ratings will remain unchanged even when you venture off-road. 


  • Permanent Mounts 

Permanent mounts combine the advantages of both fixed points and tracks. You can’t change the location of a fixed-point mount once it’s been installed, so you’ll need to drill and rivet the mount to your roof like a track. Our Rack makers advise against permanent mounts in favor of track mounts due to the former’s greater flexibility. However, permanent mounts are a good choice if you don’t want to spend the extra money and have no plans to remove the racks. 


Final Thought 

The Discovery 5, with its fresh new look, begs to be strengthened and modernized. The Discovery 5 Voyager Rack is a convenient way to transport large things from the hardware store without damaging the vehicle’s interior. It shields your roof glass from damage without blocking your view of the stars and lets your sunroof work as intended.