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The difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting In the UK is the level of control you have. Shared hosting is typically managed by the service provider, who is responsible for monitoring and preventing damages. On the other hand, vps hosting UK is either managed or unmanaged, and the management service is a bit more standard. The managed version is recommended for people who have little to no IT knowledge and would rather hand over control to a service provider. Unmanaged VPS UK hosting is a bit more complicated, requiring the user to perform new installations and configurations, while the service provider handles any technical issues.

Unmanaged VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting in the UK is a great option for businesses and customers who prefer to have more control over their servers. The benefits of this voip phone include higher customization levels and affordable pricing. However, you will need to invest time in managing the server. This type of service is not for novices or beginners.

This type of hosting is much cheaper than managed hosting, but it does require a high level of technical know-how. It’s best for those with a good understanding of IT and web-based operations. This type of hosting will require you to manage the hardware, network, and software yourself. This option is best for highly tech-savvy users who want more flexibility and control over their VPS.

vps hosting UK


While GoDaddy does not have any UK offices, it does offer customers access to its 37000 servers across nine different countries. It also offers a dedicated team of 24/7 support. According to Trustpilot UK, 75% of GoDaddy customers rate their service as excellent. A typical website with GoDaddy hosting experiences a 545 millisecond loading time.

VPS hosting is highly secure and provides more control over your website. Unlike shared hosting, you can choose your operating system and install any software you want. However, it does share the physical server with other websites. Therefore, it is important to check the security credentials of your provider. You should also consider purchasing an SSL certificate to protect your site from hackers.

vps hosting UK

OnLive Servers

OnLive Servers offers VPS hosting in the UK at very reasonable prices. Their plans come with good bandwidth and features such as Cloud KVM Panel. Their cheapest plan costs just $11 a month and comes with a single-core server with 30GB of storage space, 1000GB of bandwidth, and cPanel. They also offer Windows VPS servers but their primary focus is on Linux OS.

OnLive Servers offers a wide range of plans and features for webmasters in the UK. The plans are ideal for e-commerce, media, and software applications. Onlive Servers is one of the few providers that offer affordable VPS hosting plans with great features at an unbeatable price. They also have great customer service and deliver fast, reliable service.

OnMotion Servers

OnMotion Servers offers VPS hosting in the UK for small businesses. This type of hosting offers all the benefits of dedicated hosting, but without all the hassle. VPS UK servers are located in local data centers, which increases security and performance. Plus, they offer a great refund policy.

Both companies have top-tier plans, which come with 3TB of data transfer and unlimited bandwidth. InMotion also allows you to add another VPS, which can further increase your bandwidth. VPS servers can be accessed via FTP, so you can upload files.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a range of different VPS hosting packages for different types of websites. These packages come with many benefits, including multiple dedicated IPs and cPanel licenses. They are especially well-suited for people who wish to host more than one website. They also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.

The hosting company’s two data centers in the US and Europe are strategically placed to offer customers a fast response time. This makes InMotion Hosting an excellent choice for e-commerce websites targeting US visitors. InMotion Hosting also provides customers with a fast connection through peering, which allows the company to offer customers faster connections to the server.


If you are looking for a hosting provider in the United Kingdom, Hostinger is a great choice. This company offers shared business and VPS hosting plans. They also accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment. Hostinger has several data centers across 5 continents to offer you the best possible performance. They also offer a custom control panel that is easy to use and allows you to create and manage your website in a short amount of time. If you are unsure if Hostinger is a good choice for you, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The company’s VPS hosting plans are incredibly easy to manage, yet they still, come with more powerful features. Their plans combine the best features of both shared hosting and VPS hosting. They also come with free daily backups, embedded Cloudflare protection, a dedicated IP, and 24/7 fully-managed support.