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In general, fashion changes, which can threaten the world as well as our budget. The fashion industry, in particular, has come under increasing scrutiny because of the large amount of cheap, poorly made clothing that ends up in landfills. And the jewelery industry is not immune.

Cheap, fashionable and priceless jewelry contributes to tons of environmental pollution every year. So when you’re going to love your girlfriend, we encourage you to make sure that when you buy her a gift, you’re doing your part to be kind to the world as well.


ladies necklace in silver and gold, with our delicate yet striking silver handmade chain.
Chains are another jewelry design that you will see a lot of now. But like pearls and hoops, it is an example of a piece of jewelry that has been around for thousands of years (and probably as long as jewelry has been around).Necklace And Earring Set Beautiful Gift pack-Jewelry Box free

A recent campaign has made the chain bigger and more, but the chain more can become the clothes that will represent the time. However, wearing multiple chains of different styles and lengths in one layer is a popular way to get the best of both worlds.

Instead of following fashion, find timeless gifts. To that end, here is some jewelry for her that she will continue to love for years to come.

1. Pearl in every form

Pearl jewelry with gold drop earrings Pearl jewelry in silver and gold
For those who don’t really have time, it’s hard to find a gem or a stone more beautiful than pearls. The oldest pearl found in a private place is the Abu Dhabi Pearl which is about 8000 years old (talk about gifts that never go out of style!).

Today, pearls are used in all kinds of jewelry, from rings to earrings to bracelets. But of course, their most iconic use is the classic pearl necklace. This is by far their most iconic application.

Pearls also happen to be very fashionable now, so they are a good choice for a gift that matches time and timelessness. They are also a traditional gift for 30 years, so they are the jewelry of choice for long-term lovers.

Take a look at our pearl jewelery collection for classic and modern jewelery designs.


Gold and silver hoop earringsSilver and gold hoop earrings, with this floral design
Hoop earrings are another unnecessary design. Although considered trendy now, the oldest examples of hoops date back to 2500 BC. Therefore, like pearls, it is difficult to say that it is just a pattern.

And part of it is because their simple, classic style gives them a unique, practical look. Hoop earrings draw attention to the face, making them ideal for expressing personality. And because the design is very simple, it is suitable for all occasions.

That’s not to say there aren’t many ways to wear hoop earrings. Large or more ornate hoops are a great way to make a statement, for example. At the same time, small, simple hoops are a good choice that will also catch the eye while accentuating the beauty of the person who has them.Earring Sets - PDPAOLA

Visit our earrings collection for simple and elaborate hoops in silver and gold. We’ve been making simple floral hoops like the ones pictured since the mid-1990s (true story!).


Not that you have to make a gift box complete with chains. A simple gold or silver angel necklace is a timeless gift in its own right, as are the most unique necklaces that are delicate yet timeless. .

A simple chain is one of the many items of jewelry in every wardrobe. They are almost always suitable for work clothes, and will fit in most social situations. Of course, a simple chain can also be a pendant, with a small pendant suitable for most occasions (read more about pendants below).

Chains often match simple, timeless outfits such as a little black dress for a special occasion. But they are also a good accent for the fabric that ez