What Are Different Types Of Scaffolding Banners And Its Importance

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If you’ve been required to deal with scaffolding used for construction right on the outside of your retail or office place, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety.

A dim view of your shop front including the window display, your entrance exit, or your important commercial signage can hinder shoppers from entering your store.

Customers who are new will have difficulty finding your address, and customers who visit your store may miss your premises. Regular customers might not know from a glance whether you’re in business.

The answer could be a simple sign. It is important to appear professional. A custom-designed barricade or scaffold cover could be the ideal signage option and could aid in turning this possible catastrophe into an opportunity.

With a banner, you can make use of the scaffolding in the front to be a space to present your company and your business to all who pass by.

What Is A Scaffolding Banner?

Scaffold banners, also known as scaffolding banners are banners printed generally made of pockets for poles.

Pockets that are placed on top and bottom of the banners make installation easy by sliding over poles that connect onto the scaffolding. Scaffold banners come in a variety of designs that we can print in any size.

Scaffolding banners may also have eyelets and hems instead of the standard pole pockets. Eyelets and hem are our preferred method of finishing larger banners.

We also provide reinforced them, which is perfect for extremely large banners and wrappings for building. Reinforced hem provides additional layers of reinforced material on the edges of the banner to increase the strength and durability of the hem.

How Can A Scaffolding Banner Aid To Maintain And Generate Business?

When someone is walking near the construction site the natural reaction is to search for a sign to provide directions or explain what’s happening.

A custom-designed banner to your scaffolding can ensure that your sign is instantly recognized as something you must read.

The banner will not only aid people in finding your location but it will also be branded with your company’s signature font and colours — so that customers who know your business will immediately know they’re at the right address.

Another benefit of scaffold wraps is that it extends over the sidewalk, meaning even if you’ve never purchased an actual blade sign, the effect of putting a banner over the scaffolding that is hanging over will be the same as the one you have.

People walking by can now see your business without having to look around, since your business’s sign is right in the front in their view.

Different Types Of Scaffolding Banners

1.Vinyl Banners

A banner printed on gloss, matte or biodegradable white material will allow you to display a stunning graphic and also your message.


Standard-sized construction notice boards are perfect for small – to medium-sized outdoor banners, or larger banners that are erected on an even surface or under low winds.

construction site hoarding
construction site hoarding

It is able to be affixed to a wall, or hang with the aid through grommets or pockets on poles to lessen sagging and to even out the weight.

2. Fabric Banners

A canvas or fabric banner is a great way to promote while the viewer is close to them because of its precise image reproduction.

If it’s erect on scaffolding, or erect by means of an awning stand which can be exhibit during the day and taken down at night after the business has end the business. Fabric is a flexible material that’s both robust and compact to store.

Fabric banners are also able to be use with larger applications because of their capacity to stretch slightly to create wrinkle-free appearance. They are also able to be place between expose beams and structural components to prevent an area in construction from appearing “naked”.

3. Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are great to be use on fences with a see such as the chain link fence as well as in adverse conditions, because of the unique characteristics that permit the wind to traverse it.

Mesh is also ideal for being use as a large-format scaffolding banner for building due to its capacity to allow air and light to penetrate it, keeping the whole area of work well ventilate and well.

These banners that are large can include details about the builder, finance bank, and could be use with information signage that is compatible with the job site.

Complement Informational And Construction Banners And Signage

For New York City and many other cities, it’s now mandatory to display signs that provide details regarding the building project, referred to as an information board, along with an outdoor shed for sidewalks or fencing for construction that allows people to see the construction going on.

Why Do I Require A Banner For A Scaffold?

Scaffold banners provide the ideal chance to promote your scaffolding firm or building business. Construction companies utilise scaffold banners to promote a brand new housing or renovating project.

The use of the scaffold for branding is an effective marketing technique and one is not to be miss. Banners of scaffold are extremely affordable, durable, and can be reuse.

What Is The Most Effective Kind For Scaffolding Banner?

The best scaffolding banner for your requirements will be base foremost on the angle from which your banner is view. Larger scaffolding banners are better suit to mesh material due to its less wind load properties.

Larger banners behave like sails in the wind, and it is recommend to select mesh materials that air flow over the banner’s face. Smaller banners for scaffolding that are about 2-4 square meters can be from single-side high-quality PVC or Block- banner.

Double-Sided Banners For Scaffolding

Double-sided scaffolding banners are ideal for displaying your branding on two sides. Double-sided scaffolding banners made of light-stop block-out materials is a way to ensure that light doesn’t pass through the banner.

Double-sided banners for scaffolding are very durable and printed on a highly durable banner material that weighs 650gsm and has excellent levels of rip-resistant.

We can provide Double-sided scaffolding banners, with pole pockets or hems as well as eyelets. Double-sided banners are more effective for smaller banners. They should not exceed 5m square.

Banners For Scaffolding That Are Heavy-Duty

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners resemble the same as double-sided scaffolding signs. The one difference is that Heavy duty scaffolding banners are print one-side which means the reverse is white.

Mesh Scaffold Banner Printing

Mesh scaffold banners are ideal to use for huge scaffolding banners as well as customised building wraps. With the printed mesh surface that reduces tension of the wind for the sign.

With a printed front made with thousands of holes the mesh signs for scaffolding are ideal for banners that must be able to withstand harsh weather.

PVC Banners For Scaffolding With A Single-Sided Design.

Our regular PVC scaffolding banners. Cost-effective PVC scaffold banners are perfect for medium to small-sized banners. The banner material is strong and comes with eyelets, hems and hems as well as pole pocket.

What Is A Reinforced Pole Pocket On Banners For Scaffolding?

Pole pockets allow scaffold banners the capability to slide down the scaffold tube and attach onto the scaffolding. The pockets for reinforce scaffold banners are weld at high frequency as the norm.

construction site hoarding
construction site hoarding

High-frequency welding is our prefer finish for any banner that requires pole pockets. For a strength pocket first, we will weld as normal, and then we overstitch.

What’s A Reinforced Hem? An Awning For Scaffolding?

The reinforce hem may be describe as common one that we join by welding an additional strip of reinforce webbing on the reverse of the banner.

How Can You Make The Banners On Scaffolds Last Longer?

As with everything else in the world the banners on your scaffolding will only last if well-maintain. First, to stop your banners from breaking please make sure that your scaffolding banners are securely to the scaffolding.

A banner that’s properly shouldn’t flop in the breeze. If the banner is flapping it’s because it’s touching something. The banner may be rubbing against the poles that are running through the pole pockets , which wears out the sleeves.