What Are Research Objectives? Types Of Objectives In Research

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Objectives in research are a fundamental part of all areas of study and occupation. Research is the process that makes your idea, innovation and claims valuable. For conducting research, you must have a clear idea about its different stages. There is a standard structure to follow while conducting research. For every researcher, it is necessary to follow the guidelines related to structure. There can be little variation in the guidelines that vary from one institute to another. When working on research, collect all information related to rules and regulations.

Start your research with an effective topic selection. After selecting a topic for research, the most important part is to define the objectives of the research. You have to be very clear about your research objective. If you are unable to make it clear, you can ask your advisor or seniors for effective tips. As per its importance, this article aims to discuss objectives and types of objectives in research. Let’s discuss its different aspects in detail.

What Are the Objectives of Research?

Research is all about testing or solving a particular problem. The research revolves around the designed problem and works to achieve the main goal. In simple words, you can call objectives in research as goals of the research. There are two ways to conduct research.

The first way is to make a hypothesis and then test it with the help of research. Based on the end results of the research, you can make new theories or models. In this research type, the objective is to test the hypothesis. The authenticity of a claim is checked in this way.

On the other hand, the research aims to solve a research problem. Here, the aim of the research is similar to the study’s objective. You have to make a research problem and then work on the best-suited methodology.

How Do You Write Research Objectives?

You can make objectives in research by following the path given below:

  1. First of all, you have to come up with a topic of research. Do not go for a general topic. It will become difficult to find one direction to work in this case. Similarly, it becomes difficult to address a very narrow topic. In this case, the chances of having relevant data decrease a lot.
  2. The second step is to determine the variables that will be discussed in the research. Identify dependent as well as independent variables.
  3. Determine the scope and limitation of the research.
  4. Identify what is required to collect for conducting research.

By addressing all these concerns by hiring best dissertation writing services, you can make a good research objective.

What Are Different Types of Objectives in Research?

There are three main types of objectives in research. Each type of objective has a particular scope of the study. If you cover all objective types in one research, it will become difficult to manage different aspects. It is better to narrow down your objective and spend quality time to get the best results out of it. Do not make a very general or very narrow objective, but keep it simple that can help you find adequate data. The three types of objectives are mentioned below:

Exploratory Objectives in Research

There are many areas of study that aims to explore something new in their field. Exploring new techniques, strategies, or solutions is getting common in research. There are many research topics in which you can find a research gap. In order to fulfil that gap, researchers try to explore more in that particular area. This type of objective is termed an exploratory objective in research. In this objective type, you have to explore the hidden aspects linked with your research topic. With evolving technology, it is becoming easy to explore in every area of study. In the field of social sciences and psychology, you can see the major contribution of exploratory objectives in research.

Descriptive Objectives in Research

The objective of the research has a major role in the selection of research methodology. You can remember the objectives for the research by their link with the research type. The use of descriptive objectives in research can be seen in qualitative research. This objective type revolves around the 5 Ws (who, when, what, where and why) of research. In this type of research objective, you have to deal with subjective data. It is better to ensure open-ended questions while collecting data for research. By having a descriptive objective of the research, you need to deal with so many responses in detail. Every person has a particular point of view related to a problem. What you have to do is, get the best out of people by having a clear objective of the research.

Causal Objectives in Research

The last type of objective in research is the causal one. The causal objective of research revolves around the cause and effect of a particular event. As per this objective type, you have to know about different reasons for the happening of an event. Let’s take the example of business. In the business sector, the researcher has to focus on the demands and needs of the customer. He has to see if the quality is increased then what would be its consequences. Would it increase the sales rate? Similarly, would an increase or decrease in price benefit the business or not? All such cases that work for cause and effect are dealt with under causal objectives in research.

Final Thoughts

The objectives in research help you get one direction. Without having any specific objective, you cannot do research at all. In quantitative research, it helps you in generating research questions. Similarly, in qualitative research, it helps in generating hypotheses. Based on its importance, you have to ensure its use in research. For every researcher, it is necessary to understand the need for objectives for the research. You can select the most relevant objective type for your research topic by understanding the abovementioned points.

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