What are the CBSE School Admission Process

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Often, at the start of the school year, you may find yourself a bit confused. There are multiple questions running through your mind: how to start, where to start, which school is the best, which board is the best, when does the admission process start? Well, this blog will answer most of your questions.

How to choose the board? 

To start off with, first, you can choose the board you want to have your child get into. Apart from every state having its own state board, schools in India are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, the Indian Board of Secondary Education or ICSE, and the International Baccalaureate or IB which is an international board. Most parents find it better to go with CBSE which is not only present throughout the country but also has international schools affiliated to it. CBSE curriculum also prepares you for after-school life, due to its practical approach to all different subjects. As per the study, CBSE board appearing students perform better in Entrance Exams.

The CBSE school admission process has never been easier. Many international schools in Pune affiliated to CBSE have a standard process of admission which is very simple to follow.

 Admission Process at GIIS, Pune

Global Indian International School in Pune, for instance, has a seamless admission process that is easy for any parent to go and follow through. GIIS has been accredited as one of the best international schools in Pune. With its branches all over the country and around the world, there is no hassle in inter-school transfer either. GIIS Pune has two branches, one in Balewadi and the other in Hadapsar. One can check out their website at Best International School in Pune | GIIS Pune (globalindianschool.org).

Once you have navigated to their website, check out the tab named ‘Admissions’ which offers information about everything you need to know about the process. The admission process starts with a ‘contact us form which is fairly easy to navigate to. You may fill up your basic details, as asked, and write to the school so that you can set up a campus tour and talk to the admissions office. This can be done at any point of time in the year. You can either contact them for a virtual meeting or schedule an appointment to meet them in person and even talk to the faculty.

Facilities to look for, at a school

Before you check for any CBSE school admission process, it is important to check the facilities which the school provides. Starting from good infrastructure to extra-curricular activities, a school should have certain must-have facilities for its students. Going over and beyond those is certainly a bonus point. GIIS, for instance, has a world-class technology to hone and nourish the sport’s potential of the students. They use FIFA-level technology called Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System or SPEDA where they use digital data to polish the students’ sporting skills and encourage them to be better in every sphere.

With a campus-wide wifi network, the school has turned itself into a SMART campus where students and teachers are offered digital connectivity so as not to have any hindrance in their education. Apart from that, there are distinguished areas for every activity such as dance studios, yoga studios, indoor and outdoor sports facilities etc. The security system in the school is especially enhanced which makes sure that the parents are not at all worried about their children’s safety.

If that’s not what we need for our little ones, then what else, right?

CBSE Admission and Fee Structure

Anyway, once you have gone over the facilities they provide and taken a tour of the campus, be it virtual or in person, you can go ahead and fill out the admission form which can be found on the footer section of the very same page. You can fill out the form online and submit the same, after which, fee payment would be the next big step.

The fee structure of GIIS is well laid out on the website too, with the structural breakage. Apart from this, there are a number of scholarship programs based on different criteria which can help with the child’s education at GIIS. It is always a good idea to check the scholarship programs offered at the school before making the big decision.

Bottom Line:

Other things to keep in mind before you start off with the CBSE admission process would be the documents you may need. Always remember to keep photocopies of every document that you submit. Apart from these factors, you don’t really have anything to worry about. It is time to start checking things off your list. Here’s to the first step for your little one’s education. So do not waste any time and check out the GIIS website and know about the student life at this school. We assure you will going to like it.


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