What Are The Dolls You Buy Made Of?

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In order not to make a mistake in choosing a doll, you need to know what material it is made of. It depends on how it will feel in the hands, and how to care for it. We will tell you what to expect from the basic materials from which the dolls are made.

If you buy dolls in online stores, you have to choose products without feeling, blindly. To help you learn more about dolls, we’ll show you how they’re made.

To create doll bodies, the following materials are used:

  1. Porcelain
  2. Plastic
  3. Vinyl
  4. Polyurethane
  5. Textile

Porcelain and plastic

These are familiar materials, so we will not focus on them. Let’s just say that these are antipodal materials. Fragile porcelain is used to create high-end collectible dolls. Also, they are more appropriately called “objects of art.” You can also get custom bobbleheads made if you are not really interested in commonly available dolls in the market.

And the plastic is durable and economical. Both collectible and game dolls are made from it. Remember, the words from the Aqua Life song – “in plastic is fantastic”. Barbie doll is the most famous plastic doll.


Vinyl is the next step in the evolution of plastic. It is as strong and hard as plastic, and as pleasant to the touch, slightly porous and warm as porcelain.

Vinyl is also denser than plastic, so the doll made from it is slightly heavier, but it’s even nice to feel such a doll in your hands. Depending on the composition, vinyl can be smooth or rough, hard or soft.

Expensive collectible dolls are made from vinyl: many dolls of Sophia and Henry Zaverushinsky are made of vinyl, as well as play dolls for children. For example, Precious Moments dolls are made of soft vinyl, when pressed, it wrinkles a little. (by the way, until November 30, 2015, in our store you can buy these good dolls with a 25% discount).

Vinyl dolls are a profitable and pleasant purchase, because, without fear of damaging the doll, you can safely play it with your little daughter, enjoying pleasant tactile sensations.

Polyurethane (resin)

Polyurethane (English resin – resin) is the newest material that is used mainly to create bjd dolls. It is hard and durable, which allows the parts and joints of the BJD doll to withstand mechanical stress when moving. However, with careless handling, the doll may appear cracked and chipped.

Each company develops and keeps its own secret of polyurethane preparation. But the basic properties of this material are the same: hard and smooth, stronger and heavier than porcelain, but with frequent exposure to the sun, it can turn yellow. Polyurethane dolls can be velvety to the touch or smoother – it depends on the manufacturing company.

Collectors are very fond of polyurethane dolls, claiming that they look very realistic, and their “faces glow from the inside.” It is pleasant to hold such a doll in your hands, and at a glance you get aesthetic pleasure.


Fully rag dolls tend to be short-lived. Therefore, a combination of two materials is often used to create doll bodies: porcelain/vinyl + fabric. The most famous soft-bodied dolls are Adora’s baby dolls.

For example, porcelain/vinyl legs, handles, head, and padded body. In this case, they take some natural fabric – cotton (or leather), and stuff it with a mixture of combed artificial fiber and weighting silicone granules (these are such small balls – you all probably know them by touch). This stuffing allows the doll to keep its shape and sit (stand) straight, without heels.