What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing is what you call online marketing, blog marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and SEO, all of which are a kind of digital marketing.
In other words, digital marketing refers to all marketing strategies carried out online, and more broadly, it can be said to refer to marketing through electronic devices or channels.
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What is Email Marketing?
E-mail is a channel that has been actively used in marketing before various marketing channels were created. It is an efficient channel to communicate with customers at a relatively low cost. E-mail marketing is a marketing technique that utilizes e-mail. It is recognized as the most effective tool for customer management because it can promote the website at a low cost and deliver information on a regular basis.
Why Email Marketing Is Effective?
People find email marketing effective for marketing and promotions. Following are the reasons most of the people find email marketing effective;
The cost burden is low. All you have to do is carefully write the email you want to send to your members. If you have many members and send mail in bulk, you may need to use a mass mailing service, which may incur additional costs. However, you can market to many people at a lower cost than any other marketing channel.
You can accurately convey important information. Keyword ads can only convey limited information, whereas email has relatively few of these limitations.
You can do more granular marketing. You can group members using their information. For example, you can only extract emails from women in their 20s and promote event products to them.
Tips You Can Follow for a Successful Email Marketing
Here are some tips you can follow to do a successful email marketing.
The subject of the email is the most important. You should choose a title that meets the needs of the customer rather than a title that arouses curiosity.
The content of the text should be concise. If you continue to send large amounts of e-mail, you are more likely to register your e-mail address as spam.
You need to provide helpful information to your customers. Reading emails requires your time and attention. It should contain useful information enough to compensate for this.
A link that can be canceled or unsubscribed must be provided. It also provides an easier method of revocation, but also provides trust to the sender.
You need to send emails that meet your customer’s needs. For this purpose, it is effective to segment customers and send different emails to the segmented customers.
Types or Formats of Email Marketing
E- mail marketing types are classified according to criteria such as e-mail delivery type, e-mail message, purpose of use, commercial use of e-mail, opt -in & opt -out, etc. What types of emails do each criterion refer to, and which types of emails are further subdivided by that criterion? What are the precautions? Let’s take a look;
Sponsorship E-mail Marketing
Sponsorship Email marketing is-mail sponsorship in the same way that one broadcasting medium sponsors a newsletter or member e-mail sent from another company. e-mail marketing is used to induce membership registration or participation in events, so it is more effective when the contents of the newsletter and the sponsor advertisement have a lot of correlation and the same target.
A newsletter is a kind of newsletter sent to members who have signed up for the company’s website. In contrast to spam (unauthorized e-mail), which will be mentioned later, newsletters can be a good marketing tool to increase customer loyalty if the content is well organized and sent to members. In particular, the newsletter can be more effective if the customer finds it useful.
This is an e-mail in the form of a survey by sending e-mails to target customers. If the survey is conducted by e-mail, it can be targeted very precisely and has a high recovery rate, so it is evaluated to be effective in its utility and economic performance.
E-mail that spreads to people around you through email is called “recommendation” or “virus marketing”. This recommendation-type email is a form of email marketing that can be highly effective when the content arouses the curiosity and interest of many people. Moreover, the open rate is high because the target audience knows who the sender is.
Coupon offer
This is e-mail marketing that provides coupons through e-mail. It is often used to induce customers to purchase or sign up for membership. Unlike having to visit the website and download a coupon, e-mail is given directly to the customer, so it has the advantage of reducing the customer’s effort.
Final Words
So, these were some tips and types of email marketing you need to follow for your business marketing. People usually prefer email marketing because it is easy to cater your targeted audience through it.