Bridal bed sheets; the perfect wedding gift

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With the wedding season in full swing, sometimes it is quite a hassle choosing the perfect wedding gift for the bride/couple. Something that they’ll cherish, will last them a long time and is also practical. You don’t want to give a gift that will just sit around catching dirt in a corner. Bedding checks all these boxes perfectly.

Some of the reasons why you’d want to choose a bridal bedding set as the ideal gift are:

It’s gorgeous!

Good quality bed sheets are simply ‘elegance incarnate’. sophistication and timelessness are some other attributes that make bedding sets stand out. A beautiful bed sheet is not just soothing to eyes, it’s also soothing to touch. Just thinking about lying on a resplendent soft sateen bed sheet with a perfectly plump pillow that’s filled with soft geese feathers makes us drool.  Selecting bedsheets with stylish and refined finishing touches like embroidery is always a good idea. So bridal bed sheet sets make as grand a gift as the wedding itself.

It’s practical!.

When you give the couple a bridal bed sheet set, you can be sure that your gift is going to be a daily usage item for them. Unlike a luxury porcelain crockery set that’s going to sit in a kitchen cabinet, bed linens are almost a necessity. Any couple ready to set up their own space would value this.

It’s trendy!

Most couples these days look for gifts that are not too conventional. So why not put a trendy twist to a traditional gift and help the couple to create that 5-star hotel experience every time they lay on their bed. You can choose a bedding set that has some fun little elements incorporated into it like a colorful print.

It’s comfortable!

Sound sleep and a good set of bedsheets go hand in hand. Some higher end fabrics like Egyptian cotton feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Sateen bed sheets are known for their opulent feel. Thread count is also another factor contributing to the comfort level. Thread count is actually defined as  the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric, and the 400 to 500 range is perfect for that luxurious deluxe hotel feel..

It’s long-lasting!

High quality bed sheets with proper care can last for years and years. A little hand written note on how to prolong the life of bedsheets with after care may give it a nice personalized touch to your gift. Using a mild, good quality detergent, drying the sheets away from direct sunlight and minimal usage of fabric conditioners are some of the suggestions you can add to your note. .

It’s meaningful

A beautiful bedding helps make a deep connection between the couple. It acts like a warm, comforting embrace to fall in after a jam-packed busy day. It’s a sacred space that has seen all sorrows and tears and happiness and smiles of the couple. It adds a feeling of warmth and coziness to their relationship.

Guidelines to choose the perfect bridal bedding

While choosing the wedding bedding sets for the happy couple, keep these tips in mind and you’ll never make the wrong decision.

Neutrals are always in

A classic color like a creamy off-white or light beige never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong with such colors as they match almost every kind of interior. Some other color options are toupe, grey and brown. These types of colors are always in fashion and exude timelessness and elegance.

Get the perfect size

You don’t want to get a bed sheet that is too small for their bed or vice versa. It would be a good idea to ask the couple about the size of their bed and mattress so that you can get a gift that fits their bed like a glove.

Take a look at the material

If you know that the couple prefers something natural, cotton bed sheets would be your best bet. Cotton makes some of the most luxe, soft and well loved bedding. It is, moreover, cool in summers and cozy in winters. Another option is sateen for that extra soft feather-like feeling. Polyester and  acrylic are other options which are really light weight. So choose a bedsheet with fabric that you know the couple would love.

Get some bedding accessories

Cushions, duvet covers, pillow rolls and bed throws when styled properly make a perfect bed worthy of a pinterest shot. It doesn’t even take a lot of time or effort to style but looks like it was very well thought out. Try mixing and matching the accessories with bed sheets that you got. If the bedsheets are plain with a neutral color scheme, get some colorful accessories for a fun pop of color. Or you can experiment with the textures. If you got matte look bed sheets, try accessories with a little bit of simmer or a metallic finish.

Personalize it

What better wedding gift than a luxurious bridal bedding set? A personalized luxurious bridal bedding set. You can try customizing the bed sheets so the pillows have the couples’ name embroidered on them. They’ll surely love this little touch that’ll make your gift all the more special.

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